Benefits of Online Learning

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One of the greatest benefit to living in the 21st century -- is being able to learn online.

While the internet is certainly FULL of information, there are also traps you can fall in, where false information is portayed as true.

As a nurse, I have seen how frequently, many people tout THEIR birth experience as the thing that happens to EVERYONE.  In reality, you need to be thoughtful about who you choose to learn from.  Which is why -- after over 20 years of experience as a nurse, I created an Online Prenatal Class -- a birthing class for busy couples.  And because I am super experienced, families are able to learn from me!

Benefits to Online Learning:

Easy to do it -- the internet is available 24/7.

You can get someone who is REALLY knowledgeable and learn from them.  I am a big fan of learning from the top 10%.  It's often hard to find the top 10% in your local area -- so being able to choose from experts world-wide allows you to...

  • Find a true expert
  • Find someone who teaches in a style that you appreciate

Often, online teachers give free tidbits of learning, to see if your style meshes with theirs.  I offer a free prenatal class -- it's just a beginning class, but it helps learners understand what I have to share and understand how the class is taught.

Reviews are great!

I love shopping on Amazon because I love reading reviews, and getting lots of information on a product before I purchase.

All you have to do is google online childbirth class reviews to see that my class gets great reviews... and that helps people know that the course will be great!


Many online courses offer a money-back guarantee.  Obviously, you shouldn't take a course PLANNING to get your money back, but it does allow you to get your money back if you don't' feel like you got your money's worth.

When you combine, reviews, guarantees and a freebie to see if you mesh well -- online learning allows you to make a whole lot more choices before you enroll!  It's great!

Online learning allows you to take the class on your own timeline.  My couples love that online birthing class because they can start the class early in their pregnancy, and digest the information over time.  OR, they can grab it and do it in a weekend.  It's up to them.  SO convenient and tailored just to you!

Finally -- often, you can also have more interaction with the teacher than you might get in an in-person class.  Many people are willing to send an email with a question, that they might not be willing to do in a classroom.

Also, some online learning platforms allow you to ask questions directly from the lessons -- so that's super easy!

So, to review -- while online learning might be out of your comfort zone as you've pictured learning in a classroom like it's been since you were in school -- I'd ask you to consider online learning because it:

Is easier and convenient to do

  • Can be done on your own timeline
  • Allows you to look at reviews of the different courses, and pick what will work best for you.
  • Use Money-back guarantees to get your money's worth
  • Interact with teachers to your benefit in a convenient ways

If you're looking to learn online, I'd encourage you to just google it.  There's classe out there all over, and you just need to do a little searching to see what your options are!


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Great post, thank you. 

Happy New Year! Best of luck in 2019! 

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