How to Make Your Home Recession Proof?

Industry Observer with Florida Suncoast Property Management, LLC - Venice FL was asked to share our thoughts for this article. We were glad to have the opportunity to work with and they did a terrific job on the article.   Here are a few thoughts from the article:

Home improvements can also increase your asking price when you sell, and can result in your home being sold sooner than later. (Of course, where your house is located should always be considered before you begin recession-proofing your home, not every home will benefit from home improvements in the same way.)

Here are a few tips to recession-proof your abode:


Spend a little time on landscaping. "Within the first 30 seconds, people are passing judgment on your house," says Dan Dunleavy, CEO of Fix to Flip. If you're a do-it-yourself type, then this will cost you absolutely nothing for labor. A quick trip to Sears (SHLD) is a good place to start for landscaping tips. Hiring a landscape artist on, say, Craigslist might cost you $22 an hour and up. The payoff is a house that might be easier to sell.


"Flooring, painting, carpeting and molding" are the first things you see when you walk through the door, says Dunleavy. It should be "eye candy," which means no carpet that predates the birth of its homeowner. Other rooms to modernize? The kitchen and the bathroom. "People want a bathroom that looks appealing," says Dunleavy. "They don't want a stone age bathtub or sink." A contractor might hit your wallet "pretty hard" but there are websites, such as the Do It Yourself Network that can help you with your own home improvements. And even though a new toilet from Home Depot (HD) might cost you $149, the added value is real. "Bathrooms are a big deal," says Dunleavy

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I like your ideas Dan, some sellers are stuck in 2003-2005!

May 31, 2008 02:06 PM