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Florida, what a State!

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SW Florida Canals
So why move to Florida?  Some of the worlds most beautiful beaches are found in Florida. Wild life abounds! Mountains are basically non existent, but amusement parks and outdoor activities are in abundance!



The state is easy to travel and offers unique getaways. There is no State income tax in Florida and housing prices are affordable.  So perhaps the question is , “ Why not move to Florida?”

Destin Florida We have been residents here for about 20 years. Having lived in both the southern and the northern extremes of this state, I can tell you that it offers a climate choice for everyone! The south is sunny and warm, year round. The northern portions of the state actually have four seasons.  All of which are mild by comparison to states such as Michigan, Washington, Montana and the like. 
If you hate the snow and bitter cold, move to Florida and escape. I actually enjoy the changing of the seasons. It’s refreshing to feel the crisp clean air of fall.  To enjoy this season with just a light sweater, is icing on the cake! For so many years, I have enjoyed my yard in a pair of shorts, while other parts of the country are truly buried in snow. 
Florida is not perfect, but it offers most people a life style that feels like a vacation, year round. 
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