5 Hidden Reasons Your Westwood MA Home Isn't Selling (Or Didn't Sell)

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Having difficulty selling your home?

If your Westwood MA home has been on the market for more than two months, and it is still a seller's market in the area, something is wrong. Well, that's the bad news.

The good news is now that you know that something's wrong, you can do something to fix it.

There could be many reasons why your home is not selling. Contrary to the common belief that you can sell any home during a seller's market, buyers are actually more picky these days. They won't let go of their hard-earned money for just any house.

Reasons why your home didn’t sell

If you've been having difficulty selling your home for sale in Westwood MA, here are some possible reasons why it's not appealing to buyers.

1. It's overpriced. The first and most common reason why your home doesn't sell is because you've priced it too high. Overpriced homes scare off buyers. Don't forget that buyers are more discerning these days. When they see a home they like, they can easily check the history online and they'll know right away that you've overpriced your property.

2. It's not upgraded. Buyers think they are already spending a lot of money buying a house and would not want to spend more on repairing the floor or replacing the countertop. There are still plenty of other homes to choose from so why choose your home?

The dilemma is, even though it is a seller's market, buyers want the best for their money, and most of them would rather wait to find what they want than spend it on your home.

Your responsibility as a seller is to upgrade your home in a way that will make it more attractive and pleasing to buyers. Repairing the home is a must. You don't have to overspend, but you do have to make sure that the home is in good condition when you sell it.

Aside from repairs, do some cosmetic updates. Upgrade your light fixtures. Give your kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint, or two. Replace the kitchen and bathroom hardwares for a more modern appeal.


Westwood MA Homes for Sale - Learn how to make your Westwood MA home more appealing to buyers.

Even improving its curb appeal will do a lot for the home.

There are many easy and budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home. There's no excuse not to update and upgrade.

3. It's not ready to sell. The way your home looks have an impact on how it will sell. If your home is cluttered and unclean, it won't sell. Home selling is competitive, and if your home is not up to par with the other homes for sale in the area, it won't even register on the radar of the buyers.

Make sure that you clean the house inside out. Make it look bright, airy and spacious by decluttering. Remove most of your furniture and put them in storage. You'll be moving soon anyway so you can start packing now.

4. It wasn't always available for showings. Sometimes, it's not the house. It's you. It could be that you weren't always accommodating to your agent when he or she called for a showing.

Yes, it is inconvenient to always keep the house clean and spotless for a showing. Yes, it is also inconvenient to leave the house whenever the agent shows up for a showing.

But when you are selling the house, you want all the opportunities possible, even those opportunities you didn't really expect because you wrote on the note of the listing that you only accept showings by appointment. You'll never know when a buyer may want to make an offer.

5. It didn't look nice in photos. Around 90% of home buyers search online before they actually decide on which homes to look at for home showings. That means you need amazing photos for your home for buyers to fully appreciate what you are offering.

As your agent, I work with a professional photographer to take photos of your home. Professional photographers know how to highlight the best features of your home in photos.

Of course, you also have to make sure that your home is picture-ready. It should have been staged to create an inviting and relaxing appeal.

Preparation is an essential key in home selling. If your Westwood home is not selling, check this list. Call me for a free analysis on your home. I will suggest still some things you need to work on.

Need help selling your home? Call me, Sheila Moylan, at 781-559-4057. Let’s find the best solutions to your home selling challenge.


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The upgrades ican be the dilemma. I would start with the changes that most cool notice walking into a home

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