Avoid a residential burglary – take home security measures

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Did you know that every 30 seconds a burglary takes place in the UK, according to statistics? Every year, more than 1, 5 million residential burglaries are happening, and if you want to protect yourself from becoming their target, you should take some security precautions. Many people state that you have to transform your house into a fortress if you want to keep burglars away, but, if you focus on some main aspects, you will enhance the level of home security, and you will protect your belongings. And what is more important, if you take precautions you will make sure that your family members do not become the victim of a crime, because sometimes burglars become violent if they discover that it is someone in the house who can be a witness.

First, you should know when the burglars strike. You may be tempted to say that the majority of burglaries happen during the night, when the owners are away, or when they sleep. But, recent statistics show that more than 70% of these crimes happen during the day, between 9am and 4pm. During this interval, the homeowners are away from home, because they have to go to work, the children go to school, or if it is a weekend, they leave the house for different activities.

What can you do to secure your house 24/7?

1.      Secure your locks

Start with installing mortice locks. These locks cannot be opened if the burglars try to break the panel, because they are projected into the doorjamb. They can be opened only with a key, so they are a smart investment. Some houses feature windows that cannot be locked. If this is the case with your house, you should install customised locks, according to the type of windows you have.

All your exterior doors should have a dead bolt lock, not only your front door.

2.      Do not have a “hide-a-key” place

Since you were a child, you were used with having a spot close to the house where to hide a key, of one of the entrance doors, of your house in case you lose yours. But it is a problem with these places, they are easy to guess, and the burglars will definitely find them. An experienced burglar will track your moves for a period before breaking in, and if you have a key placed close to the house, they will discover it. If you are the type of person who keeps losing their key, then you should leave a copy to one of your friends’ house, or you should opt for a smart door lock.

Smart locks function with a key, but in case you lose it, they can be also opened with a unique code, only you know.

3.      Light your house

The houses that have a complex lighting system have fewer chances to become the target of thieves. You should install lights not only inside the house, but also outdoors. It is recommended to opt for a system that turns on randomly, or one that is operated with a time switch. For the outdoor lights, it is advisable to opt for a PIR operated floodlighting system, it will turn on when it detects movement.

4.      Install a home security system

Statistics show that the houses without a security system are four times more likely to be broken into, than the properties with an alarm system. Some systems are installed when the house is constructed, but if you had not done it then, you can check on the market what other options you have available. The alarm system will notify all the intrusions to the police department. These systems are not complicated to install or expensive, so there are no reasons for you not to have one.

5.      Hire bodyguard services

If you are a public person, then alongside a security system, you should hire bodyguard services, because there are high chances you to become the target of a crime, when you are home alone. Bodyguard services London will protect you from physical attack, theft, kidnap and other criminal behaviours. All public persons should hire bodyguard services to protect themselves and their families from possible threats and risks.

6.      Do not share on social media when you leave the house

If you want to avoid a burglary during your vacation, you should not share information about your plans before or during the trip. If you are excited about your vacation destination, and you want to share your thoughts, you should talk with your family and friends, and stay away from social media. Very often thieves target the houses of the homeowners who share on social media when they will leave the house. They prefer to have time and check all your belongings, without being bothered, so you should not offer them this opportunity.

7.      Hide all your belongings

The best way to prevent thieves from taking your belongings is to keep them out of sight. Laptops, TVs, smartphones, money and jewellery are sure targets for a thief, and it is advisable to keep them away from the windows. If the criminals are not able to see them, they do not know you have them, and there’s a fewer chance your house becomes a target. You should not keep large sums of money in the house; it is advisable to keep your funds in the bank.

8.      Install security cameras

It is advisable to have cameras installed both indoors and outdoors. Install cameras that cover every corner of your house and garden. Nowadays there are on the market systems that allow you to view all the images from your cameras over the internet. You should check what systems are available in your region, and choose the one that allows you to watch your house remotely from your smartphone. Multiple companies on the market provide mobile and desktop camera software or apps.

And last but not least, it is always useful to have a guard dog, no matter if your house has a yard or not. Thieves always take a step back, if they see or hear a guard dog protecting a property.

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