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Hi ActiveRainers,
I'm not sure if you have had much time to visit PropertyMinder's company website, but I thought I would share my favorite tool with you.
SELLER'S CORNER is a listing generation machine built to maintain relationships with all of your homeowners. Even though you send emails to them, each of your homeowners have become nosey neighbors.

Imagine how many times they have gone to Zillow.
Imagine how many open houses they have visit in the past few years.
SELLER'S CORNER delivers comparable properties to each homeowner as soon as they go on the market, under contract, or sell.
This is Drip CMA technology that completely automates Seller Relationship Building.

It keeps your homeowners coming back to your website.
It keeps critical information that sellers need at their beck and call: the value of their home, and your direct contact info to get started with the listing process.
This is what I have been wanting to show you. Ready to check it out? Let me know!

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