Working Through My inner Ramblings"To A New Me!

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We all struggle through the holidays and thebeginning of a new year wondering where did our time disappear with unmet goals still glaring us in the face?  Well maybe that is not you, but I am just being real? Change is inevitable What new opportunities will befriend us?  It is also a time to stop any bad habits in our personal lives that matriculate into our business lives  and recognize what makes us alive and thrive in our personal and business relationships....So much to do, too much to think about Our world has become information overload.  It would be refreshing to truly master our gifts within to a level that is so good that they can not ignore us, but what is that unique gift we each have? To me the 2019  New Year is about refinement, trusting and believing in my unique niche that is about how my passion to help others serve an unmet need, or path overgrown with places I should be visiting more often, or offer  my decluttering abilities to make a new trail where no woman has gone before.  I just need the same process for me to get through the menutia of the real estate days and nights that seemlessly connect without interruption.  I am one though who needs quiet still time to process it all.  Can I just get one  snowday or  weekend to process, do a mental dump so that I can do this again more refreshed and confident I will not get burned out before spring? I just want to be able to read all the boooks I have not visited in so long that aremedicine for my weary soul and go see , the friends that, like me do not have the luxury to Just Be....So I guess I will keep plugging away until that big listing or lottery hits, so I can take a "personal vacation day or week..."I will write that in my planner and see if it comes to fruition. Write it down and it will Become!

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