Deadly toxins in your home

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Have you ever thought that your house could contain deadly toxins? If not, then start thinking this way, as most houses have a host of deadly toxins present which can cause serious health issues and can go largely unnoticed. All these deadly toxins can be present in the form of bacteria or chemical compound which is not easily visible but is present and hidden in one form or another. In order to shine a light on some of these hidden toxins in your home, here we have a list of few of them along with a method to get rid of them.



If you or a housemate are a smoker:

As we all know there are a number of hazardous chemicals in cigarette smoke when inhaled. But many o f these toxins can leach into household fabrics and furnishings. They can even settle on walls, constantly emitting their deadly odor into the surrounding environment.

Obviously it would be of benefit to everyone in the house if the smoker(s) ceased to do so within the house, but sometimes that may not be possible – especially right now, as it's too cold to go outside to smoke. Many therefore resort to smoking indoors.

If at all possible, you should aim to open a door or window and try to breath as much smoke outside as possible.

When it comes to cleaning, make sure you regularly wash down painted walls and vaccum carpets and rugs thoroughly. Before you put the vacuum away though, use it on the sofa and any fabric seats and cushions.

Spraying deodorizers around the room can help nulify the odor, but they don't do much to combat the harmful chemicals contained in smoke. For that, we can only really advise you buy a good air purifier that can filter out the chemicals in smoke.

There are a number of great tips to remove smoke odors from your home that can be found using a few simple google searches. Many include home made deodorizers that can really save you a lot of money buying branded items in the long run.


Chemicals present in sofa sets or couches:

Accumulation of dust on couches is very obvious. These dust particles when combined with the air pollutants can create deadly toxins that could result in several diseases like thyroid and infertility. So try to clean all the couches on regular basis. Dusting the couches will not work in this case because it will not pull out all of the dirt and will flick the dust up into the air to just settle some other place. So try to use a vacuum cleaner to pull out all the dust daily. Once again, installing an air purifier at your premises will always keep the couches as well as all the surroundings dust free and will also kill the harmful chemicals and toxins around.. Also, it is recommended to minimize the use of carpets and they trap a large amount of dust.

Phthalates in all plastic boxes:

Phthalates are a group of chemicals emitted from plastic containers. Although the amount of these tiny particles floating around in your indoor air is relatively small, they can still be harmful in long run. So it’s recommended to avoid using plastic boxes especially for storing foods. Also, if ever you are using plastic boxes then try to sterilize then on frequent basis. Using Glass or China is a preferred option.


Bisphenol in water plastic water bags:

All plastic water bottles contain bisphenol. A toxic element that can cause hazardous diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, infertility etc. So always try to avoid using plastic bottles too along with the plastic boxes. If you must use plastic containers, always look for BPA free plastic.


Volatile compounds in the air:

Most of the volatile toxic compounds are found in or around the kitchen areas, basements and washrooms. Leaking from washing liquids and detergents from their container can cause their smell to spread in the air and convert into more toxic elements that can cause asthma and other lung diseases. Make sure all household chemicals are stored in a closed cupboard and that all tops are firmly secured onto the bottles.


Perc in cloths:

Perchloroethylene is a colorless volatile compound frequently found in dry cleaning products. It’s a kind of degreasing agent and is quite toxic in nature. It can cause serious diseases related to kidney, lungs, liver and the overall nervous system of a human body. So avoid getting your cloths dry cleaned as much as possible.

Acid on non stick utensils: A small amount of this chemical component named perfluoroalkyl acid is found on most of the non stick utensils. This toxic element can cause life threatening disease like thyroid and increase the cholesterol level or a healthy body.


Lead in Water:

Normal supply water can include an amount of Lead in it either a minimal amount or even more. Drinking water containing Lead could cause hormonal imbalance and kidney related diseases. So try to install and water purifier to get pure drinking water.



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