Moving Mondays: Week 2

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        Moving to a new home can be exciting and stressful all at once. Recently in our market, a common issue that has come up with sellers moving out prior to closing is knowing what they can leave at the road for waste management and what must be taken directly to a dump. This differs according to your county and is something you should definitely review when placing items at the road.

        While some areas you may be able to trust your neighbors to pick up excess furniture and whisk it away, you do not want to be fined for leaving items at the road or end up delaying closing because of the debris at the curb. Additionally, if you live in a neighborhood or complex with strict rules, you may end up fined by the HOA for leaving items at the road. To help you out, included below are the regulations for pick up in the primary counties that I cover.


Richland County

Tip: Utilize the "Trash Wizard" icon to type in specific items and learn how to dispose of them. If your item must be taken directly to the dump, be sure to check when it is open,


Lexington County

This site has an extensive list of what is and is not permissible to be placed at the curb. Be sure to read through it if you are new to the area.


If you are a current resident and are moving between these counties, I highly recommend reading through the  information about what the different services will pick up and whether you need to call to set up service. Each county runs things a bit differently so it is best to see what trash pick up is like in your new (or current) county.


Remember: If in doubt, pick up the phone and call them!




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