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Are you looking for a community with a small-town feel but with big-city opportunities? You may be looking for a home in Osage, Iowa. 

Osage, Iowa real estate is a well-kept secret because of its quaint feel and inviting culture. We're going to take a look at some of the prime reasons you should consider this area while looking for your next home! Keep reading for more information! 

The Big-City Feel

Many people want to feel like they live in a small community where doors can be left unlocked and children arrive home safely at dusk. However, many people also want the convenience of a big city. 

Osage is a great combination of this, with a population of almost 3600 people but with multiple restaurants, an aquatic center, wellness center, grocery stores, and hardware stores. 

If you would like to take a trip to a bigger city, Des Moines is only about a two-hour drive from Osage. 

You should also know that this small town doesn't have traditional opportunities. There are numerous larger businesses located here that range from bio-sciences to socks, candles to chemicals. 

Small-Town Family

One of the biggest benefits of living in a small town is the fact that your children can attend preschool to twelfth grade without being bussed all around. They will be able to develop friends and close ties with classmates, and you will always be able to know who their friends are. 

Moving to a new town often means that you feel like an outsider for a while until you find your 'niche.' This is hardly the case, as the people of Osage, Iowa go out of their way to welcome newcomers and make friends. 

Don't be surprised if you are welcomed with some breaded pork tenderloin or other freshly-made goodies from your neighbors. 

Osage, Iowa Real Estate

Because Osage is not located in a major city, you will not face big-city prices when purchasing a home. You will find a number of large, beautiful homes for a fraction of the price of more populous areas. 

Some of our favorite locations include 6th Street and Pine Street, but there are numerous places from which to choose! 

It can be intimidating to decide to pack up and move to an unknown area with seemingly few people. However, several towns in Iowa have consistently been listed as some of the best places to live. 

Whether you are moving because of work or moving to start anew, finding a home in Osage is easier and less expensive than you think, and can lead you to a very happy life! 

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When you are ready to explore some of the housing opportunities in the Osage, Iowa Real Estate market, take a drive, look around, and then get in touch with a professional. 

Our real estate agents are highly in-tune to the Osage market and are expert listeners, allowing them to point out homes that fit your exact needs!

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