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Plants That Keep Spiders Away

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If you want to maintain your lawn and enhance its look, then you’ll have to protect it from bugs. There are some helpful plants that keep spiders away. You’ll find that different types of plants repel different types of bugs. The following list will include different plants that keep spiders away amongst many other bugs that’ll help keep your garden and lawn beautiful.
Types of Plants that Keep Bugs Away - A Natural Repellent
Marigold has a unique fragrance that can deter mosquitoes, lice, and rabbits. You can plant marigold plants in your garden or lawn to keep the harmful mosquitoes and rabbits away from your plants, while also adding a splash of color to your garden.
Chrysanthemums are considered best to prevent many types of bugs including roaches, Japanese beetles, spiders, bed bugs, ants, mice, ticks, and silverfish. This flower has a bug repellent ingredient that works best to deter all of the above-mentioned bugs.
You can use mint plants to deter mosquitoes, ants, and spiders. However, you will need to maintain your mint plant as it can grow and spread rapidly.
This wonderful herb works excellently to repel house flies and mosquitoes. You can plant them at your backdoor to prevent these bugs from entering the inside. Another benefit of basil is that you can use it for health and even in cooking.
Mosquitoes and gnats hate the smell of this plant. Pest control professionals at Preventive Pest Control state that you can plant it near your windows and inside your garden to deter these tiny creatures away.
Citronella Grass
You might have heard about this plant. Citronella grass is used as the mosquito repellent. You can plant citronella grass both inside and outside of your home to protect the plants as well as your family from the mosquitos.
If you have chives in your garden, then the carrot rust flies and even Japanese beetles will not enter your property. They do not like the smell of chives.
This beautiful plant will enhance to look of your landscape and will act as a repellent for many bugs including grasshoppers, asparagus beetles, tomato worms, and various kinds of aphids.
Garlic is ideal to prevent carrot root flies, Japanese beetles, root maggots, and codling moths. You can plant garlic near roses to prevent aphids.
Bay Leaves
Bay leaves is best to prevent roaches and flies.
Rosemary can deter a wide variety of bugs that normally feed on your plants.
How Will These Plants Protect Your Garden?
These plants will not only protect your garden, but they will also protect your family from all the bugs mentioned above. These plants have some aroma or ingredients that are not considered suitable for the pests. Therefore, these plants will deter these pests from entering your home. However, it is important to understand the type of bugs that are eating your plants and then you can choose the repellent plants accordingly. For example, you can use chrysanthemums and mint as plants that keep spiders away.

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We all have pest such as spiders, scorpions and other creepy crawlers and it's good to know we can plant certain plants around our homes to detour them. Thanks for sharing.

Jan 17, 2019 04:48 AM