Is your house for Sale? Then ACT like it!

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Do you really want to sell your house?  

Or are you pretending to sell your house.  

Is it too much to keep it clean for showings?  I know you would much prefer to sleep in and let the house sell itself.  You don't feel like getting up before 10 am so you just figure "let those stupid agents bring their buyers in when I WANT  THEM TO COME! After all, I am the one with the house to sell, they are the ones with people who want to buy.  I have something they want.  I have the upper hand, right?"

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.  Big Fat wrong!  You have a house to sell, but you wanna know what? There are a ton of other houses for sale in our area.  And my client is going to buy one.  But, it probably won't be yours.

 I just set up 12 showings for tomorrow for clients who have flown in from Europe. We will be on a very tight schedule since they NEED to buy a house ASAP. What do I get from sellers like you whose houses we want to see???? 

1) call 15 mins before you get there and then 15 before you leave
(Honey, if we are in your house for more than 15 mins on the first visit, it means we are thinking of putting in an offer)

2) No, you can't come at 2 pm, we want you to come at 5:30
(Seriously?? Do you expect us to sit in your driveway for 3.5 hours? No, we won't disturb you and we will go see someone's house who actually wants to sell it)

3) "Enter thru the back garage door but go around front to let your buyers in. Make sure you show them the water privileges down the street. Don't lock the top garage lock. It should have tape on it. Don't remove the tape. Leave the living room light on. Let your clients out the front door and you can go back out through the garage."
(OMG! should I make the beds while I'm in there, too??)

4 No showings on Tuesday. We are not ready.
(Then why in hell did you list the house now???)

5 The lockbox battery died and the agent has not been able to get the lockbox open.
(Fire your agent!)

And I have not even heard back from the rest of the appointments yet.

MORAL--If you really want to sell your house. Be ready! Make it easy to show! AND LET US IN WHEN WE GET THERE!!!!!

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