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Considering the nature of the real estate market, facing challenges with your professional activities from time to time is normal. Managing to keep your business flourishing and successful demands sufficient implication from your part, and you taking the right courses of actions, and that involves having at your disposal the right support tools. Considering the technologies now available, and how much things have developed in this department, utilizing in-house tools meant to increase the efficiency of your real estate practices is recommended. Businesses with a real estate profile have specific requirements, which can be covered by tools, applications and systems that have been designed to target this particular market. Here are a few examples of technology tools ideal for real estate businesses and agents, which you may find useful yourself:


Visual content creation applications

From blog posts to newsletters, attaching high quality photographs to your property advertisements is essential in order to attract prospective clients. Visuals play a critical role when it comes to real estate marketing, and as a business that wishes to stay relevant, using the right visual content creation tricks is necessary. While back in the day, you might have needed to collaborate with a professional graphic designer for the creation of your visual posts, nowadays with the right tech tools at your disposal, you can handle this job with no problems on your own. There are applications available that allow you to carry out a wide variety of tasks that beautify your visual content in an easy and fast manner. From the creation of Facebook ads and email headers to the editing of photographs, you can play around with a wide range of features that facilitate the development of those perfect visual content advertising projects meant to boost business appeal. One popular example in the real estate world is Canva, but there are multiple other options available, depending on what your firm is seeking in this department. You know by now that with the right graphic content you can go a long way, so use the necessary tech resources to perfect things in this department.

Bespoke software

While there are many applications and off-the-shelf software products you can easily access and will in fact provide you with advantageous features, if the processes you are carrying out within your real estate firm have more specific requirements, resorting to custom software development services might be a wise idea to make. The largest and most successful enterprises on the market choose to outsource their software demands in order to get their hands on tools that incorporate all the features they are seeking for optimizing some of their processes perfectly. Collaborating with a software developer company and creating a system that is build-to-order will give you the opportunity to improve how things are running within your enterprise. From automating small routine tasks in order to focus more on main company responsibilities, to time tracking and employee management, you can incorporate the features that you think will work best for your company. 

Collaborative task management tools

A virtual office, where your business’ employees can share files, search through data, communicate and collaborate with one another even when someone is not at the office can increase productivity levels tremendously. A program that enables a better in-house collaboration will certainly influence the general level of success of your real estate company. The right tech tools will also enable the easy organization of your projects into boards, a virtual space where anyone can check the progress of a project, start discussions, add comments in real time, add labels and many other details that impact the successful completion of important tasks through unified teamwork.

Social media management tool

Regardless of business, industries need to keep up with current demands, and today’s customer relies on social media for various tasks, including hunting for a property. This is why, your firm needs to benefit from a powerful online presence and increased exposure through social media channels. Having accounts on multiple platforms becomes a necessity in today’s market climate, but besides that, you need to keep your accounts up to date and engaging. Being able to stay active on all of these channels and managing your activity on those networks can be often overwhelming, so this is why you should start using a tool that facilitates a better approach on the matter. Social media management tools are available, a powerful example used by various real estate firms being Hootsuite. This system allows you to schedule content and keep engagement in check by sharing posts on various profiles simultaneously and also tracking growth in terms of followers or receiving reports on engagement. By posting regular content that resonates with home buyers, tenants and property owners, you will be improving the image of your brand and thus your success in the industry.

Real estate marketing video technologies

Marketing videos remain essential in today’s real estate climate, and you have the possibility of creating polished videos that will actually bring you the exposure desired if you rely on the right tech resources. 3D Immersive walkthroughs of property interiors, for example, will immediately draw users’ interest, exposing the appeal of a certain estate in the most engaging manner. From property listing videos to testimonials videos and 3D visuals, upgrade your video marketing strategies with modern technologies.

The real estate industry is an ever-changing one, and in order to keep up with the rather increasing competition, regardless of your exact business profile, productivity and work quality need to be kept in-check. With the innovative tech advancements of the digital era, you have the possibility of using to your advantage a wide variety of resources that give you the opportunity to make your job easier and more efficient. There are various tools and technologies that you can easily access, which will allow you to keep up with the industry demands. Look over these suggestions, and start using the right tech resources within your company – a notable difference in your productivity will be observed. 

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Roksana Krysht
Perfectial - Baltimore, MA

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Jul 01, 2019 08:34 AM

Various technical gadgets have greatly simplified many types of work and help increase productivity. This happens in many areas from real estate services to the development of large software products. But also do not forget that much depends on advertising. Therefore, I follow the advertising trends in the blog

Mar 02, 2020 02:14 PM

Various technical gadgets have greatly simplified many types of work and help increase productivity. This happens in many areas from real estate services to the development of large software products. But also do not forget that much depends on advertising. Therefore, I follow the advertising trends in the blog

Mar 02, 2020 02:15 PM

Fully agree that cooperation with software development company is a great idea.

Aug 07, 2020 02:47 AM

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