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What to Throw Away When Moving

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We collect so many things in the course of our daily lives that when it is time to pack everything up and move, it becomes a challenge. The question of what to throw away when moving is dreaded by many. Nevertheless, one way or another, you’ll have to decide on what to throw away in the trash, recycle, or donate. Leaving behind some things you don’t need helps to lighten the load and to save on time and money when moving.
Items to Throw Away When Moving - Make Room for New Items 
1. Old Furniture and Carpets
Old pieces of furniture and rugs take up a lot of space in your moving truck. Their overall weight would demand a fortune in moving costs. Consider auctioning them off through a garage sale or donating to charity.
2. Old Magazines
When it comes to relocating, your big pile of old newspapers is as good as clutter. You can give your old magazines to a library, a children’s home or a nursing home. It is a cost-saving act of charity.
3. Old Media and Electronics
Perhaps you still have that big 90’s TV with a hunched back, old cell phones, camcorders, old tapes, DVDs and VCRs. These are things that have long been phased out by time. You can sell them to electronics recycling companies to make room to buy new ones in your new home.
4. Linens
The old and mismatched bed sheets shouldn’t take up any space in your moving boxes. Do away with them. You can donate them to animal shelters.
5. Plastic Containers
There is no denying it; we all keep plastic containers after using water, cooking oil or whatever was in them. It is an excellent thing to re-use them, but when it comes to moving, the burden isn’t worth it. You could recycle them instead.
6. Utensils and Dinnerware
The old and chipped mugs shouldn’t take space in your moving van. Evaluate your kitchen cabinet and pick out the faded, the old and chipped utensils that you wouldn’t comfortably use in your new home. Throw them out for an easy move.
7. Old Clothes and Shoes
You might have your wardrobe stacked with clothes and shoes that you don’t wear anymore. Maybe they are out of fashion, or they don’t feel comfortable anymore. Consider donating such items to a charity home, reselling them, or gift them to a friend
8. Old Books
How big is your home library? Here is an indisputable fact; books make your load heavy and drive up the cost of long distance moving as mentioned by Express Moving. Consider donating some of your books to the local library or gifting your neighbors with them.
9. Paint Cans
Perhaps in the course of your stay, you have had to remodel your home several times. Now your garage is packed with paint containers, both used and unused. Consider trashing such items before you move.
10. Expired Medicine
Sift through your medicine cabinet and throw away old prescriptions. Expired drugs are not only cumbersome to carry around, but they are also a health risk.
Bottom Line
Don’t know what to throw away when moving? Things to throw out when moving include: old furniture and carpets, old magazines, old media and electronics, linens that you don’t use anymore, old mugs and dishes, expired medicines, old books, paint cans and clothes and shoes that you no longer wear. You can donate them, send them to recycling centers or trash them.