Where Can I Find A Good Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Education & Training with MyOutDesk

Mark Spain, Ben Kinney, The Loken Group, John Murray, Five Doors Network....and the list goes on. When America's REALTORS® need administrative, marketing & ISA virtual assistants, they turn to one company more than all the rest combined: MyOutDesk. Visit Us Online To Schedule A Free Business Strategy Session Now >>

Our clients make up over half of the Top 10 RealTrends Teams, and we have dozens more clients in the RealTrends 1000. These are the biggest, most successful real estate organizations in the country - and they use MyOutDesk because we offer a compelling combination of quality, savings & industry expertise that no other staffing company can match.

Quality: We interview & pre-screen over 50 candidates for every virtual assistant that we place, and all of our candidates are closely scrutinized with an FBI-level background check before hire. Your client information is in the best hands with MyOutDesk.

Savings: You can choose to spend over $75,000 a year for the payroll, benefits & taxes that come with a full-time employee, or hire a MyOutDesk VA for 1/3 of the price, and none of the hiring hassles that come along with an FTE. This makes hiring a VA a no-brainer, but what makes the savings even more compelling is the flexibility this provides you to rapidly scale your organization.

Onboard quickly, without the hiring hassles - and get trained, experienced real estate virtual assistants for a fraction of the price you'd pay normally. 

Expertise: For over 10 years, we've worked with real estate agents, brokers & teams - which has given us valuable insight into exactly what virtual assistant skills are needed, and also provided us with scripts, tools & techniques that come along with your virtual assistant to make them more productive in the office, prospecting calls or managing your transactions. Visit Us Online To Schedule A Free Business Strategy Session Now >>


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