AAA-Roadside Assistance...Peace Of Mind, Or Piece of Poo?

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I travel a lot and have three female drivers at home. 

So back in 2001 we became a AAA Family, eventually upgrading to Premier afterall....My Grandparents and Parents were AAA Premier members.

It gave me peace of mind to know that if I was 2000 miles away from home I wouldn't get a call from one of my girls saying they are stranded, or need gas, or are locked out of their car.


Last Friday I found out that "Peace of Mind" was FALSE.  It is was TOTAL BS!

My 17 year old daughter broke down about 3pm. it took her 20 minutes to get through to the AAA Agent. (and she used the special "Premier Member" number)  She was told a tow truck was dispatched and will be there within 70 minutes.  That is quite a long time for anyone to wait even more so for a 17yr old girl in a not so popular part of town.

Thankfully I was in town, and only about 20 minutes away...So I dropped everything and rushed out to wait with her..after 90 min passed I called AAA again and inquired as to where the driver might be?   I was told he went home for the day, and they will dispatch a driver right now that will be there in 25 mins tops! "Wait, What? He went home and you don't have another driver already on the way? You are just now dispatching?"


Oh it gets better...

23 minutes later, I get a call from a driver that is 40 minutes away...He just got the dispatch to come to my daughters aid.  "I said they told me you would be here now"  He apologized and said he was just dispatched.   Awesome!  So I call the shop owner who agreed to stay until 6pm for us to drop the car and told him the truck would not arrive to us until 6:07pm and his shop is another 40+ minutes away.



I called AAA expalined how they have left my 17 year old daughter stranded for what will end up being 3.5 hours to get her car picked up.

I pay nearly $300 a year for Premier Service and Peace of Mind, assuming AAA will be the knight in shining armor ready to assist my damsels in distress. and this is what we get?

In 3.5 hours we could have gotton a tow truck from YUMA, AZ 194 miles away, or Flagstaff, AZ 167 miles away!   It was a  warm sunny day in the Phoenix area, so i cannot imagine an overload of cars breaking down.  How many trucks does AAA have to cover the fourth most populous county in the United States covering 9224 square miles?  Obvioulsy not nearly enough. Tomorrow Morning It Is HELLO AMICA? 18 years of loyalty pissed away in a day.


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