Affording a New Home & Vacations

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Family Vacations are such an important time for families to bond, have shared experiences and unplug and just be together.

However, it can be hard to afford both a home they LOVE and the vacation of their dreams!

Today I'm going to share some of my favorite budget travel trips much like I talk about in my Disneyland Budget post.

1.  Driving.

A lot of families feel like it is SO much easier to fly, when in reality with security, wait times, rental car lines and more -- it can be more expensive AND time-consuming to fly than drive.

There are a lot of great ways to make driving time more enjoyable including:

  • 100 mile treat -- things like games, a movie, a treat -- and do it every 100 miles so little minds have something to look forward to.
  • Reading -- readers make traveling in the car SO much easier because a whole new world is open to them (awesome to have a tablet where you can load a lot of their favorites without taking up room)
  • Device time -- my kids get a LOT of device time in the car, and I politely request they refrain when we are at our destination, for the most part.

I mean, screen time alone, can make a car trip pretty great!

2.  What's nearby?

Sometimes we spend so much energy/time seeing something really far away when we have something similarly cool in our own backyard.  Even if you get a hotel for a night or two, not traveling (and possibly even using food from home) can make that a fun & inexpensive way to get some family time!

4.  Plan it out

Vacations can be something you save for -- similar to a house.  I have a Disneyland Trip calculator that can also be used for any other destination.  It has spots for travel, hotels, events you'll attend and more!  By having an idea of all the costs (rather than a nebulous number in your head) you can be prepared for what your credit card will be!

Plus, when you take a lot of time to plan and save your pennies.  That can give you time to save on tickets, hotel with great companies that allow for affordable travel like I mention in my post I linked to.

5.  Unconventional times

Sometimes, you can travel at an "off" time of year and experience an amazing trip at a MUCH lower cost.

Plus, don't think you can't have fun even if you're at a weird stage of life.  I even have tips on how to enjoy Disneyland while pregnant.  Sometimes you think you have to do everything NOW -- when you can really enjoy them at other times as well!

Those are some of my best tips.

But, mostly having a great house is something you use 90% of the year.  Even if you camp for a few years to afford a great house -- it will be worth it to have that house you live in most of the time!

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