3 Heavy Equipment To Use For Your Next Home Renovation Project

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Home renovations can be a nightmare if not managed properly. Most people take on home renovation projects on their own. They do this to save money and also to learn a skill or two in their spare time.

Some renovation projects are small and wouldn't require heavy types of equipment. However, if you're planning to renovate a significant area of your house, chances are, you'll need to knock down a few walls or bring in heavy stuff inside. This kind of job requires the right equipment.

Here are three heavy equipment you can use for your next home renovation project:

house in construction with scaffolding

Lifting Equipment

If your project requires you to access hard-to-reach areas like your roof and ceiling, you need the right equipment to secure you, such as the following:

  • Forklift - Your home renovation project can benefit massively from using a forklift when you want to move things around quickly and easily. This equipment can easily carry heavy furniture. Most injuries during a renovation project happen in the beginning when you're moving things around.
  • Mini excavator - If you're working on renovating your lawn or your mini garden in your backyard, you need an excavator to create new spaces for you. The heavy equipment tracks on a mini excavator make them easy to maneuver even on uneven terrain.
  • Scissor Lift - This type of lift is a platform that you can use to move vertically. It's especially useful if you're doing a paint job on the second floor of your house or if you're trying to reach your roof safely. Yes, ladders can be useful, but more often than not, they become unstable as their height increases.

Don't leave your safety and efficiency to chance. This heavy pieces of equipment can be bought second-hand, or if it's out of your budget, you can just rent one from a reputable construction company.


You might be wondering why you need a generator when you have electricity at home. The main reason for having a generator during your renovation is in cases of emergency. A generator will give you the flexibility you need when working with wirings or if you need to turn off your main power line when installing lighting fixtures.

Don't just settle for any generator. You have to find a generator that fits your need. Moreover, the generator you will be buying can later be used for your home as a secondary power source in case of power outages.

Here are the two things you need to consider when selecting a generator for renovation projects:

  • Type of generator - There are two major types of generators, standby and portable. Standby generators are bigger and more powerful, they're powered through propane and automatically starts during power outages. Portable generators are relatively smaller and quieter. They require manual intervention and their power output is smaller.

  • Wattage requirement - Before doing the renovations, anticipate which electrical appliances you need when you turn off the power. Simply look at the watts required for each appliance and add them up to get your wattage requirement.

Utility Trailer

Utility trailers are lifesavers when you need to move things around from one location to another. A big home renovation project will most likely require you to take some stuff off the property and bring some new pieces in. Hauling these things to and from different locations can be exhausting and expensive, so having utility trailers are a big help.

Having a trailer can have the following benefits:

  • Affordable - Hiring trucks to move your things can get very expensive. But, if you have your own trailer you'll save money logistics cost. The money you saved can be used towards your renovation project instead.

  • Security - If you need extra storage while you finish the renovation, you can buy an enclosed trailer to hold your stuff for you while you work away on your project. More importantly, an enclosed trailer is cheaper and safer than keeping them in storage units.

  • Convenience - A trailer can help you transport items safely and without any hassle. It's also useful when you're hauling debris and trash from your renovation project. More importantly, they avoid the risk of you injuring yourself when carrying heavy materials.


Whoever said that home renovations are challenging? With the right pieces of equipment, your home renovation project can become a breeze. The items listed here also ensures your safety while you're renovating. You don't have to be an expert handyman to get your dream home. You just have to know what equipment to use.

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