Does Oakland County have a chain of lakes?

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Yes, Oakland County has a few chain of lakes.  They are not like the chain of lakes in Livingston County.  Our chains are smaller and not all all sports lakes.  Let's talk about the chain of lakes in Bloomfield -West Bloomfield.  This small three chain of  lakes includes Forest Lake in Bloomfield, Lower Long Lake in Bloomfield, and Upper Long Lake in West Bloomfield.  Though part of the lake lies in Bloomfield Township too.  All three of these lakes are upper end prestigious lakes where the home prices are going to be above average for Oakland County.  

All three of these lakes are public lakes.  Two are non all sports lakes and the third is an all sports lake.  If you watch the following videos it will give you the lake sizes, lake depths, aerial views, and lots of visual looks at the lake and the lake homes on it.  They are just short videos less than 2 minutes in lenght.  Enjoy them!



Let's talk about Upper Long Lake in Oakland County first.  Here is information on the homes on Long Lake. T  

there are many different sizes, ages, and styles of homes on the lake.  You will still find some small 1000 square foot ranches all the way up to large luxury lake estate style homes.  Many of the beautiful large homes are on the north side of the lake.  Here are the basic characteristics of waterfront homes on Upper Long Lake in West Bloomfield MI.  

     *  They were built during the years 1953 -2014

     *  3 to 7 bedrooms

     *  2 to 12 bathrooms

     *  1 to 5+ car garages, there is one home with no garage

     *  Homes sizes are a huge range from 1000 square feet to over 15,000 square feet

     *  The lots vary in size from normal lots to over 2 1/1 acres in size





I would say that most of the homes on the lake are bigger luxury estate homes.  There are no small cottages left on the lake that I know of.  (At least they have not sold in the last 10 years).  Because of the desirability of the homes they price per square foot is going to be higher on the lake than in surrounding communities.  Of course you will find ranches, colonials, cape cods, and contemporary homes on the lake.  Here are the characteristics of Lower Long Lake homes in Bloomfield:      

      *  Built mainly during the years of 1949 -2014 (These is at least one old house on the lake)

     *  3 to 7 bedrooms

     *  2 to 12 bathrooms

     *  2 to 4 car garages (there is at least one lake house with no garage)

     *  the square footage ranges from 1800 square feet to over 8500 square feet.  Many of them are in the 3000 to 4000 square foot range.

      *  the majority of the homes on the lake have basements.  There are a few that are on slabs or crawl spaces.

All of the information above was gathered from sold listings on the MLS over the last 20 years.  Some homes on the lake may not have been sold during this period so this home information may be off because one of the homes that has not sold may be bigger, small, older, or have different features.  Some of the smaller lakefront homes may have been torn down and do not exist anymore.  Also a new house may have been built on the lake that does not show up.  This house information is just to give you a general idea of the houses on the lake.




Here are the basic characteristics of the lakefront homes on Forest Lake in Bloomfield Michigan:


     *  Homes were built between the years of 1950 and 2012

     *  2 to 9 bathrooms

     *  3 to 6 bedrooms

     *  2 to 4 car garages

     *  1300 square foot homes to over 7300 square foot homes

There are still a few small homes on the lake but as the years go on I will bet they will be torn down to build a bigger and newer home.  This will happen because lake homes are in high demand in Bloomfield and in Oakland County.  The small homes are no longer what home buyers want.  So eventually all the small lake houses will be gone.  Most of the homes on the lake are custom built luxury homes with all the latest amenities.

 If you would like to live on a chain of lakes or on a big lake in Oakland County feel free to call me to help you find the best lake for you.  My cell is (248)310-6239



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