Hate Prospecting? You'll LOVE Having A Real Estate ISA

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Let's talk prospecting: the real estate job that every agent loves to hate. If you're an agent, you find reasons to avoid it: if you're a broker, you deal with pipeline issues because your agents are avoiding it.
What's the solution? You can try passive lead-generation, but it won't make up for the lost volume. You can buy leads (or worse, spend money buying leads for your agents) - but you've still got to call them, so you're still prospecting.
Agents avoid prospecting because it's a hit-or-miss activity that takes a lot of time, patience & skill - and also because it requires a thick skin. There's always the worry that you'll get a negative prospect on the phone yelling at you. This rarely happens, but it's still a worry - especially when they're prospecting expired or FSBO leads.
The solution is simple: hire a Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (ISA). We're talking about a real estate virtual assistant who prospects for you. They spend the time to work your inbound leads, client follow-ups, circle prospecting, FSBO & Expired leads: you name it, they've got it.....working all day long generating leads for you to close.
Think of your ISA as your own personal gunslinger: quick on the draw, nimble with the tongue, and trained with proven, practiced scripts that convert prospects into appointments. You already know that 7% of your contacts will enter into a real estate transaction this year: your Real Estate ISA will find them and get them scheduled - and do it for 1/3 the cost of a full-time employee.
That's not all the your ISA does, however. Being a full-time phone warrior enables them to always be ready for immediate followup on your inbound leads. Remember those charts talking about 5 minute turnaround? Get ready to make that a reality!
Your ISA is also skilled in follow up calls, which helps them stay on top of past clients, warm leads, and anything else that requires periodic phone contact & nurturing. Admit it: you need this. Schedule a free personal Double Your Business strategy session today & learn how to transform your business with a Real Estate ISA.

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Jan 24, 2019 12:55 AM