7 crafty home cleaning tips

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Do you spend hours cleaning your house and still end up with it not being as clean as you would like? Without a clear plan, you can end up wasting a lot of your cleaning time doing jobs the wrong way and just adding to the amount of time it takes to get the house clean. This consumes a lot more time and leaves you feeling exhausted and unwilling to do the same again next week.

House cleaning is exceedingly monotonous work for many us. So to simplify a few of the menial tasks, here we have 7 crafty home cleaning tips for you. Just go through the following and make your cleaning job simplified, easy and interesting.

  1. Spread your Bed sheet right: The very moment you get out of your bed in the morning, make a habit to get the bedding to its previous state clean, properly tugged from all the corners and your blanket in a folded state.

  2. Gather all the laundry: Think about all the dirty or washable clothes gather them and soak then into a bucket full of water along with a small quantity of detergent in it. It will weaken the stains and marks on your cloth and make the cleaning an easy process for you. If possible select one or two particular days for laundry it will help you lessen the number of tasks in your every day house cleaning routine.

  3. Soak all the kitchen utensils in water: Soak all the washable kitchen utensils in water at least 10-15 minutes before washing them. It will ease the stubborn much stuck to them and speed up the cleaning process. While the utensils have been left for soaking you can do any other cleaning work.

  4. Removing Dust: One of the best and most simplest ways to quickly remove dust from surfaces is to use a damp cloth. Using a dry cloth will not actually clean the dust but instead will just whip the dust into the air, and just allow it to relocate to another part of the room. A damp cloth will retain all the dust particles in it and provide a closer cleaning.

  5. 5 to 10 minutes pickup: Pick up all the toys, cloths, wrappers, utensils etc that are lying on the floor or anywhere they're not supposed to be. This tip alone will provide the most benefit with the least amount of effort. The more often you do this, the better your home will look on a day to day basis.

  6. Sweep the floor: Sweep all the floor around your house to remove the dust accumulated throughout the day. A regular broom will be enough for sweeping. You'll be amazed at how quickly this can be done. Doesn't have to be perfect, but does make a huge difference.

  7. Get an air Purifier: Once all the house has been cleaned from your end just power on the air purifier. It will perform the rest of work to clean the impurities left in the air, neutralize all bad odors and cut down on the levels of dust floating around your room. Air purifiers are particularly beneficial if using them in windowless rooms with a lack of ventilation.

There are many crafty ways to speed up jobs around the house. The best advice of all is to just get started. Once you do, you might find you get into it and finish the job. All you have to do is tell yourself – I'm just going to spend 10mins tidying the floor. It's the nudge in the right direction that your brain needs in order to kick things off.



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