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Choose the Right Real Estate Agent for Your Property Search

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Choose the Right Real Estate Agent for Your Property Search

Choosing the right real estate agent can have a huge impact on your property search. With the right agent, you have a better chance of striking a good deal as well as finding the house that you really need.

Unscrupulous agents won’t go out of their way to warn you if a property has issues you should know about. Inexperienced ones won’t know where to find the type of house you might be looking for.

That’s why you need a good real estate agent. He can make your property search so much easier.

But how do you tell the good agents apart from the bad ones?

Worry no more, because I can help with that. There are guidelines to finding a real estate agent you can trust, and we’ll cover them below.

Choosing a real estate agent is basically choosing a partner for your property search. He fills in gaps in your knowledge and helps you make the best decisions.


That’s why you need a real estate agent who’s not only experienced but also trustworthy. Decades of experience won’t be worth much if you can’t trust that the agent will use them to your benefit.


So you have a lot of things to think about when you’re reviewing your options. Let’s start with the most obvious one: the agent’s experience.


Experience is the first thing to look for in an agent because real estate is a tricky market. Inexperienced agents miss out on a lot of things that could be important to a buyer or seller.

For example, inexperienced agents aren’t likely to give you projections of a location’s future value. They won’t be able to tell you whether or not a property you’re considering can become more valuable in the future.


An agent with experience, on the other hand, can tell you the answers to questions you wouldn’t even be able to think of yourself. He can anticipate your needs.

Remember to look for agents with experience in the type of property you’re seeking. You may also want to look for an agent who’s already sold a lot of real estate in the specific area you’re eyeing.

When looking into an agent’s experience, remember to do a full background check. See if they’ve ever had issues with clients and why. You can also do a Google and Yelp search for more information on them.

Ask for Referrals from Other Homeowners

You can also find real estate agents by getting referrals from people you trust. Sure, you could just seek recommendations online, but it’s still better to get one from a friend who can give you a candid review.

Other homeowners can give you their opinions of how they think an agent served them. If they’re honest, they can also tell you which agents to look out for, or why you shouldn’t pick a particular agent.

Look for an Agent Who Puts You First

A good real estate agent should be someone who will listen to your needs. If an agent is always showing you properties that don’t meet your requirements, consider switching to another agent.

A good agent is supposed to put your interests first. He shouldn’t be angling to unload hard-to-sell properties on you or trying to push you into getting something over your budget just because he’s hoping for a big commission.

How can you tell if your agent is actually considering your interests, though? Maybe the following tips can help:

1) Trust Your Gut Feeling

Listen to what your gut tells you. After getting to know or interviewing a real estate agent, does your gut say they’re trustworthy or not?

You should always look into agents’ actual resumes and competencies, of course, but your gut feelings about them shouldn’t be ignored. Even if an agent turns out to have a spotless record, anyway, you still wouldn’t work well with them if your gut instinct is to distrust them.

2) Only Work with an Agent You Trust

When choosing the right agent, observe how they listen to your needs and requirements. Observe the questions they ask you.

Does it feel like they’re really determined to find the property that you wish for? Are they trying hard to bring you the best options that fit your requirements? Are they considering your limitations or preferences about the property they’re offering you?

This property decision is ultimately yours. That’s why you need to know that the person helping you with it is someone you can trust to know and look out for what you want.

If an agent shows sustained interest in your opinions about property, that’s a good sign he’s trustworthy. It means he’s still thinking about getting you what you need -- as opposed to what will make him the most money.

3) Choose Someone with Passion

When evaluating an agent, look for someone who’s passionate about what they do.

Listen to how they talk. Observe how they market properties.

Do they make an effort to look professional? Do they talk to you in a way that actually conveys their excitement at working with you?

You want an agent who’s passionate about what he does. That’s because he’ll be likelier to deliver what you need than someone who’s half-hearted at his job because he doesn’t care about impressing anyone any longer.

4) Choose Someone Who Has a Support Staff

When choosing an agent, find out if they have a team to support and help them with searching, selling, marketing, etc.

Agents with a support staff can provide better customer service to their clients. Since most agents work with more than one client at any given time, it’s better if they have a team to help them with their many duties.

5) Choose Someone Who Can Help You Avoid Risks

Choose someone who can be honest with you when it comes to the risks of the process. Furthermore, you want someone who can help you minimize those risks.

When you screen agents for the job, look for someone who supports their answers with real data. Well-informed agents are likelier to know about the risks in the market -- and if they’re trustworthy, can help you avoid them.

What should you ask about when looking into property search risks? Start with investment analysis, neighborhood-level market performance, and the long-term impact of a purchase. A good agent can explain the risks involved with all of that.

6) Look for an Agent Who Has Compassion

In some ways, this is just looking for someone who acts human. Buying property is usually stressful, all the more if you’re facing other big decisions or challenges in life. You might have a stressful job, for example, or kids to think about.

A good agent will recognize a stressed-out client and should show compassion in response. He’ll be willing to forgive you if you’re late for a property showing because you had to pick up the kids from school, for instance.

H4: 7) Look for Someone Who Communicates

It’s really important for you to have clear communication with your agent. Without it, how can he possibly find the property you want?

This goes right back to the first tip in this list. Look for someone who sets you at ease from the beginning, not someone who puts your back up. The more comfortable you are with an agent, the easier it will be for you to tell him what you need.

In turn, an agent should be prompt about responding to all of your remarks and concerns. If he communicates without confusion and in a timely manner, you’ll have assurance of being able to reach him whenever needed.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents may seem to have similar backgrounds and skill-sets but don’t be fooled: some of them are better than others.

You can get a great deal for your property search if you just expend a little effort to find the best agent to help with it.

Your real estate agent:

  • Must be experienced,

  • Can be a referral from a friend or other homeowners,

  • Should consider your interests first and always,

  • Be someone you can trust,

  • Be passionate in his job,

  • And understand your individual needs and circumstances.

If you find the right real estate agent, you’ll also find the right property much easier. To that end, you can reach The Tye Group at 513-549-7469 if you need a trustworthy agent.


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Norma J. Elkins
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All of these are great, I especially like the support staff one.  We have an entire team, which makes us stand out as opposed to someone doing it alone.  Also choosing with passion.  Trust your gut...it will usually never steer you wrong.

Jan 23, 2019 06:18 AM
Derek Tye
The Tye Group - Loveland, OH
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Thank you for the interaction, I couldn't agree more about the support staff, they are vital to our success and we are very grateful for their hard work and dedication to superior customer service.

Warm Regards,


Jan 23, 2019 09:04 AM