9 Must-Have Features to Look for in a Clovis CA Multigenerational Home

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What’s a multi generational home?

Are you thinking of buying a Clovis CA multigenerational home? The rising cost for real estate and living expenses has seen a rise in the demand for nextgen homes. Many homeowners favor multigen living because it lessens the expenses of the different families in the house.

Before you start looking at the multigenerational homes for sale in Clovis CA, take a minute to consider what you and the other members of your family want. Comfort, privacy, and space are key elements in a home, especially if you plan to live in a multigen house where there are more people in the house.

Home features to look for

Here are nine features you need to look for when looking for nextgen homes:

1. Open floor plan. A home with an open floor plan is ideal for a multigen home. Open floor concepts allow the whole family to gather together easily. It also ensures everyone can easily move around to the different spaces in the house without difficulty.

2. Flexible spaces. A nextgen home should have plenty of flexible spaces, rooms which can easily be converted for either personal or communal use. Bedrooms should be designed so it can also be transported into a den or an office area. Large living areas should be designed not just for relaxing but also for entertainment.


Multi Generation Homes Clovis CA - Discover the home features you are looking in multi generational homes for sale in Clovis CA.


3. Easily accessible living spaces. When you live with family members coming from different generations, you should take their needs into consideration when looking for a home.

For example, if you have family members who are physically disabled, you’d need a home with large hallways that can be easily navigated by someone in a wheelchair or a walking stick.

The living area, dining area, and kitchen should be spaces where everyone in the family can easily access.

4. Multiple master suites. When you're considering multi generational living, you need multiple master suites. Its size is ideal for comfort, privacy, and feeling valuable.

If you're going to live in the house with your elderly parents, they will be much more comfortable in a master suite that's on the ground floor. This allows them easier access and better privacy, making them feel like they have their own space.

5. In-law suites. Some homes don't offer multiple master suites, but they do have in-law suites.

In-law suites are like mini-apartments attached to the house. They have their own separate entrances, kitchens, and sometimes den. For many families, in-law suites are the best options to make multi-gen living work.

6. Separate entrances. Whenever possible, look for homes with separate entrances. This gives the feeling of space and privacy. If you live with your in-laws or parents, separate entrances make them feel like they still have control over their own lives, and they can always have a space for themselves.

7. Dual kitchen sinks. Multigenerational living means more opportunities to cook for the whole family. Having a kitchen with two sinks is great because it would allow you to prepare more food more efficiently.

8. More storage spaces. When you live in a home with a lot of people, you want enough storage for all your needs. Storage spaces secure your belongings and make sure they are well-organized.

Clovis CA Multi Generation Homes for Sale - Find out the home features buyers are looking for in multigenerational homes for sale in Clovis CA.
9. Outdoor retreat. Your home’s outdoor space should easily be able to accommodate everyone in the family and more. Look for homes with large outdoor spaces that can be a place of relaxation and entertainment.

Finding the right home features for your multigen home in Clovis CA can be really challenging. But with my knowledge and expert help, you’ll be able to find your next home faster.

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