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Homes 4 me is going to be the new wave.

Mortgage and Lending with United Capital Mortgage

I am watching the sub prime market fall apart. I know it will be recreating it self sooner or later. I know till then this program is going to help me through the down times. I deal with about 50 or so % of my borrowers that are below prime rate clients. So the just of the program is that it is a net work of investors, Realtors, mortgage professionals working with people that can be put into a lease option. The lease option client is put into a credit repair program and teach them to be able to keep there credit in good shape. We make it so in 12 to 18 mounts they are ready to take ownership in that home. They will be able to get the home with low scores due to the fact that they have the lease option in place, they will have made there lease payment to the investor that is making there payments on time. For more info fell free to call me. 240-925-5676 cell i do return my messages. in most cases 30 min.


I will be having classes starting in april call for details.

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