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Scotts Valley, California Community Information and Market Report

Real Estate in Scotts Valley, California

Scotts Valley is a mid-sized city of approximately 11,000 residents in the upland slopes of Santa Cruz Mountains in Santa Cruz County, California. The city runs along the Santa Cruz Highway which connects six miles south to Santa Cruz and around thirty miles north to San Jose. The region surrounding Scotts Valley are primarily nature preserves with beautiful redwood trees towering throughout the mountains. If you plan to move into the city, there are excellent housing options you can consider for your family. There are various residential neighborhoods and developments in the region and most of which have suburban single-family homes and townhouses. Families moving into the area can also buy luxury properties in gated communities as well as more affordable mobile homes.

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Scotts Valley Amenities

Scotts Valley is a tourist-friendly city with a variety of family-friendly attractions. The well-developed city is complete with shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, outdoor parks, amusement centers, and more. Residents can visit several nature preserves and hiking trails close to the city as well as the many beaches along the coast of Santa Cruz. 


What Schools are available for Scotts Valley Residents?

There are plenty of schools within the city of Scotts Valley available to the many families living in the community. The region has a good number of private and public schools that residents in the area can choose for their children. Schools within the city include Scotts Valley High School, Baymonte Christian School, Vine Hill Elementary School, and many more.

Scotts Valley, California Neighborhood Report

  • Population: 63,364 (2010)
  • Estimated Median Household Income: $69,178 (2016)
  • Estimated Median Home Value: $819,859 (2016)

Scotts Valley County, California Market Report

  • Properties currently active on the market: 20
  • Median Listing Home Price: $949,000
  • Price Per Square Feet: $548
  • Median Closing Price: $973,000

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