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How to make your real estate business stronger with behavioral marketing



Sitting down to chat with the outspoken Kayne West about building a stronger business with behavior marketing was an eye-opening conversation. Having won many awards for his work, Kanye shares his insights how to use creativity to reach more buyers and sellers.



Stuggling with your business? One of the things that I have learned in my career as a music artist, producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer is that you must face the facts and quit the guilt trip, its not all your fault. You were not born to the world of ghetto and you are still dreaming if you think that southside can get you down. Because of you, the beat goes on and no one can say it's over until you do. It's like the new workout plan for the year. It's impossible to drive slow when you got fourfiveseconds to lift yourself and your business to the next level.Seriously, its kinda like a big deal. Hey, maybe you have a gold digger at home and you want to make her say that you can touch the sky. I don't know. But, if you want the good life, you can't tell me nothing all day that will make me believe that you can get by when you are down and out. I mean, wouldn't you like to ride in a brand new car every six months like you are number one? What american boy wouldnt want to treat his lady to the finer things and watch his girl play with a lollipop while her friends are wishing they had diamonds and a man ballin in the money. Ya feel me? So get out there, go hard, take that purrty woman by the hand, and dont let your guard down as you face the world sayin "we alright, we paid the price, and now my baby and me are going to take our marketing, line by line and knock you down". Let everybody know that this is not about ego.This ain't a scene, it's an arms race. No mercy. When you pusha man to the edge, he's not going to runaway. He's going to say that "I am better than I've ever been, I'm stronger for my experiences and I have the power to lift off and make my business amazing!" If any of this seems to clique with you, then learn more about Behavioral Marketing: Work it, make it, do it Better- It can only make you stronger. I love it!



Behavioral marketing is, at its essence, the segmentation of a target market based on certain behaviors that visitors exhibit on a website. When we first started working together to implement behavioral marketing into Kanye’s website, he was using the content of his webpages to market the same exact message to everyone that visited that page. If people filled out a form, then they all received the same messages about everything that Kayne sold regardless of their behavior on the website. Now, when you visit pages on his fashion website, each page a person visits adds a tag to their behavioral profile.


So, NOW if someone is shopping in the men’s section and they are looking at jackets, the system adds a tag of “men’s” and “jackets”. The system also tracks this information BEFORE the person ever completes a form or a purchase. So, when that person finally does reach out to ask a question or contact the store, the system automatically sends marketing information on men’s jacket’s and puts them on a mailing list for sales and announcements on men’s jackets. Because, well, it just makes SENSE.


The application of behavioral marketing is endless. In real estate, we can use it to add tags about home types, zip codes, cities of interest, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, garage, etc. etc. etc. All these tags are logged by the system EVEN when that visitor is still anonymous. BUT the second that visitor complete a form, we know so much more about them than just their name and email address.

We NOW know MORE than if they are a buyer or seller. We can track where they came from and how. Depending on how many times they have been on the website, we could potentially know that they are a potential buyer and the exact type of house they want. We know where they are looking, what they are looking for, how long they have been looking and ALL they did was ask for a buyer’s guide on your website!!


Now we can USE all that information to send the potential buyer a TARGETED list of homes based on the home they want AUTOMATICALLY.



NOTE: You must be careful how you use it because sending a list of homes is cool. But, sending an email that says “Hi, Cheryl! I saw that you visit my website on Friday nights, ran 15 searches in zip code 22334 for a 3-bedroom home near the Anytown school and only viewed homes with a garage. I also saw that you are looking in the price range of $xxx - $xxx and that you only look at homes in an HOA… by the way, you have spinach in your teeth and you dripped some coffee on your blouse“… yeah… not cool… and a little bit creepy…


Anyway, It was awesome talking to Kayne about marketing, but he did point out that there is one single factor that can make or break your business this year.


Yup, here it comes… Kanye West says YOU need professional expertise. You already know the value that a real estate professional adds to the transaction. You also already know that homeowners that sell “by owner” are at a disadvantage. So, then why on earth would you attempt marketing your business on your own.


What If I Told You That you could have an Annual Marketing Strategy, Full Marketing Automation, Behavior-Based Email and a CRM for LESS than what others charge for just ONE service? What if that automation came with one-on-one consulting every month to keep you on track? Would it help you keep your marketing plan moving forward? Keep your eyes focused on the revenue? I will bet you answered YES because, let’s face it… you are NOT in this for the desk hours.


Learn More About How to Implement an Annual Marketing Strategy, Full Marketing Automation, Behavior-Based Email, CRM & Consulting and Increases your revenue growth for month-over-month!

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[DISCLAIMER- This is a parody. Kanye West did not contribute to the content of this post and is not affiliated with me in any way – I have never met him in person]



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