Top 10 Hidden Gems in Los Cabos

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Top Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

The tourist-friendly city of Cabo San Lucas offers a long list of places to visit, natural wonders, cultural and historical sites, and many more attractions that you can enjoy with the family. There are popular beaches along the corridor, various ocean and beach rental services, amusement parks, golf courses, and more. You can spend your entire vacation in these destinations and still have more places to visit.

However, if you are looking for hidden gems that aren't on most tours, you might want to visit the places on this list. We've compiled a few attractions in the region that offer a unique experience for tourists visiting Cabo.

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1. La Giganta

The central highlands of Baja California features beautiful rock formations and canyons that provide excellent hiking trails and breathtaking views. The desert landscapes have various local greenery and a healthy collection of wildlife. There are thousands of birds along the trail. Make sure to bring your camera for the views and lots of water because the trip can be quite long.

2. Mount Solmar

The Mount Solmar Trail is a short hike up a beautiful mountain which offers beautiful overlooking views of the city and the surrounding ocean. The trail can be quite challenging, but the view is definitely worth the trouble. There is no official trailhead for Mount Solmar but you can check out this map to see where you can start the climb. 

3. El Arco de Cabo

El Arco de Cabo or Land's End is the iconic rock formation along the oceanfront cliffs in Cabo San Lucas. No visit in Cabo would be complete without checking out the beautiful cliffs either close up via a water taxi or through several viewing decks throughout the city.


4. Boca de La Sierra

Boca de La Sierra is a refreshing lake with refreshing waters perfect for a dip during sunny days. The lake is 5 miles from Miraflores which includes a short trek to get to the actual lake. Once you reach the lovely nature reserve, you can appreciate the beautiful lush landscapes and relaxing fresh waters.


5. Santiago Oasis

Santiago Oasis is a natural wonder featuring a beautiful waterfall on unique rock formations that provide picture-perfect views and refreshing spring water. The oasis is in the small town of Santiago and can be accessed via Rancho Ecologico. Make sure to bring comfortable hiking shoes as the treck has a moderate difficulty especially when going back.

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6. Sierra de la Laguna

The Sierra de la Laguna is the perfect outdoor adventure for nature lovers and hikers visiting Cabo San Lucas. The area has been registered as a UNESCO biosphere reserve, with beautiful greenery and diverse fauna. The trails are some of the least visited attractions in Cabo and are the perfect attraction for adventurers visiting the region.

7. Miraflores

Miraflores is a historic town with various landmarks, old buildings, and other attractions. The town is an 18-mile drive from San Jose del Cabo and is the perfect detour for tourists wanting to experience the rich culture and traditions of the region.


8. San Jose Estuary

The San Jose Estuary is a scenic trail with beautiful natural views filled with local greenery. The lovely lagoon is filled with various local fauna, and it provides a relaxing walk if you're looking to unwind.


9. Santa Maria Bay

Santa Maria Bay is a beautiful cove with beaches and excellent snorkeling spots. The shallow beaches have a thriving sea life that has been well-preserved by the locals and government. The sand in the area can be coarse with several rocky areas, so you'll want to wear a good pair of beach shoes for your visit.

10. The Gallery District

The Gallery District is a cultural destination where local artists showcase their art along the colorful streets of the city. You'll have a fun day checking out the many stores and shops in the area where you can buy souvenirs and gifts to give your family when you go back home. Enjoy the many cafes and restaurants in the district which serve delicious meals, snacks, and drinks.

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Very pretty,  but foriegn travel doesn't interest me in the state of this area

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