Top 7 Best Food and Drinks in Cabo

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Top 7 Best Food in Cabo

1. Tostadas

Tostada is a Spanish word meaning "toasted" and is a common term used for various toasted dishes. In Cabo, it's simply fried tortilla served with various fresh toppings. Seafood such as shrimp, lobster, and tuna are common toppings added to coastal variants of the dish.


2. Mole

Mole is the sauce added to a rice dish and is considered a staple in Mexican cuisine. There are various ingredients used to make the sauce with chocolate on the primary components. The unique texture and flavors mixed with the chocolate make the dish stand out and is a definite must try if you've never had it before.


3. Chocolate Clams

Chocolate Clams does not have literal chocolate added to them. These are a special species of clams in chocolate-colored shells. These clams are served as specialty dishes and cooked in various ways with simple garnishes and lemon juice.


4. Fish and Shrimp Tacos

Tacos are arguably the most famous Mexican dish in the planet, and Cabo serves a variety of Tacos in the many restaurants in the city. Seafood is a common topping used in the region, and many restaurants have specialty dishes using various seafood based toppings. 

5. Smoked Marlin

Marlin is a staple seafood ingredient in the city of Cabo. There are multiple ways to cook Marlin, and many meals in the region are cooked with this delicious fish. The most common way it is served in Cabo is by shredding the fish meat and then smoking it properly to prepare. This method preserves the flavor of the fish and is served with delicious salsa and seasonings to add flavor.


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6. Comida de Pobres

Comida de Pobres is a staple dish served in local restaurants. The dish roughly translates as "food of the poor." This meal is a seafood soup that comes with rice, beans, and eaten with a tortilla.

7. Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit or "pitahaya" to locals is a type of fruit that grows in certain places in the world. The fruit is a variant of cactus and is primarily found in deserts. It is a delicious snack with a sweet flavor and jelly-like texture. This nutritious fruit is an excellent dessert which the kids will surely enjoy.


Top 7 Best Drinks in Cabo

1. Margarita

No beach paradise would be complete without enjoying a seasonal Margarita while lounging next to the ocean. The classic mix of tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice is the perfect partner for a hot sunny day on the beach. In Cabo, Margaritas are delicious beverages served with various seasonal fruits and flavors.

2. Michelada

Michelada is a local cocktail mix of tomato, lime juice, hot sauce, and beer. The unique drink is served in a rimmed glass which perfectly balances the spicy hot sauce mixed in with beer.


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3. Horchata

Horchata is a non-alcoholic beverage, or agua fresca served in many bars in Cabo. The drink is a combination of rice, almonds, and cinnamon flavors which can be added with rum to add an extra kick to the drink. The refreshing cocktail is perfect when you've just finished taking a swim in the ocean or the pool.

4. Paloma

Paloma is a favorite ladies drink which tourists and locals can enjoy. It is a mixture of tequila, grape or orange soda, and a lime wedge. You can substitute the soda with an actual grapefruit and soda to increase the overall flavor of the drink.

5. Tequila/Mezcal

Tequila and Mezcal are the local favorites when it comes to hard liquor. There are various brands and ways to make them, but they are used in a variety of drinks or straight up. There are several variants of tequila in Cabo, and a few bars that offer tasting sessions where you can try out the different bottles.


6. Wine

Wine is a staple drink as in any other places in the world. There is an excellent wine industry in Mexico, and several regions serve unique wines and flavors. Cabo itself has several vineyards and have various locally produced brands you can try for yourself.

7. Hot Chocolate

Mexico has a unique twist on the classic hot chocolate that most guests will enjoy. The secret is adding vanilla and cinnamon on your hot coco and whisked with a molnillo to add froth to the drink. An enjoyable drink perfect early in the morning to perk you up when starting the day.

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