San Jose del Cabo Ultimate Guide

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Your Ultimate Guide to San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo is the town on the eastern end of the Cabo Corridor. Unlike Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo features more culturally rich neighborhoods, historic landmarks, art galleries, and local businesses. The city is more quaint and family-friendly perfect for day tours and walking around to get to know the locals.

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1. Enjoy the Food

The city of San Jose del Cabo is home to many authentic Mexican restaurants, farm-to-table restaurants, and family eateries serving delicious dishes and meals. Explore the pedestrian-friendly streets of the city and try out different flavors throughout the many neighborhoods. Cabo offers delicious seafood dishes and seasonal fruit meals served in local cuisines. Try out specialty dishes and street snacks to get the full experience and the many flavors of the region. Tacos are probably the highlight dish of the city with many restaurants offering their own unique twist to the classic Mexican dish.



2. Visit the Galleries

There are various art galleries throughout the city of San Jose del Cabo. These shops showcase local artwork and sell multiple trinkets and souvenirs that are the perfect gift for family and friends when you get back home. Buy a memorable art piece to remember your fantastic vacation in Cabo.



3. Hit up the Beach

The highlight of the Tourist Corridor is the beautiful beaches along the coastline of the peninsula facing the Sea of Cortez. These beaches have amazing warm waters perfect for swimming and various water activities. Beachfront properties are lined with luxury resorts, restaurants, bars, and other establishments that cater to the many tourists visiting Cabo.


4. Take in the Beauty

Cabo offers beautiful natural landscapes and picturesque views. Explore the many hidden gems and outdoor trails throughout the region, and you'll find breathtaking views. Enjoy the beautiful sunset along the beach where you can view where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Take memorable day tours and explore the city streets and various local landmarks, and get to know the beautiful areas that Cabo has to offer.


5. Have an Adventure

Hiking, sports fishing, surfing, parasailing, whale watching, diving, and many more adventures await you on your vacation in Cabo. The tourist-friendly region has been developed to provide the perfect holiday destination for visitors coming from all over the world. Explore the many attractions and activities the city has to offer.

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6. Enjoy the Music

Mexicans love music and dancing, you'll find a lot of local bars and nightclubs in San Jose del Cabo, but most of the nightlife is centered at Cabo San Lucas. If you're looking for live music you might want to visit La Osteria. A local favorite which serves delicious drinks, lovely meals, and live music throughout the night.



7. Go Whale Watching

Whale watching is a staple activity that any tourist visiting Cabo must try for themselves. These majestic creatures have a seasonal migratory path in the region and during the certain months of the year they visit the waters at Magdalena Bay. Get up close and personal with these massive animals by taking one of many whale watching tours that take you on a small boat to get as close as possible to the whales.



8. Try Your Hand at Golf

There are many professionally designed golf communities and private golf courses throughout Cabo. If you love playing golf, you'll love the beautiful oceanfront and desert courses in the region. There are private golf communities along the Corridor which offer fantastic real estate for families planning to move in the area. 



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