Mexican Style Homes in Cabo

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The Different Mexican Style Homes You Can Buy in Cabo

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1. Spanish Villas

Spanish Villas are the traditional architectural design of homes in the region. Spanish Villas maintain classic features with emphasis on an elegant design. Red tile roofs with stucco walls richly stained colored door and shutters to highlight wood features. Curves and arches commonly teams up with exterior windows and porch eaves copying similar designs of doorways and openings. Local fauna is incorporated into the design with outdoor furniture added to offer a relaxing lounge area where you can enjoy the beautiful garden. 



2. Casitas

Casitas are humble Mexican-style homes that feature a simple rectangular design. These homes maximize the surrounding land area to provide open areas where residents and their guests can lounge and relax. Casitas are typically used as designs for guest houses for larger villas offering excellent rental properties or extra space for an office.



3. Adobe

Adobe is a modernized version of ancient Aztec huts which typically come in one or two-bedroom layouts, few windows, and traditional brick insulation. These designs usually come with a smooth mud veneer exterior, flat roofs, and overhanging rough-hewn rafters. The recognizable look is further highlighted by wooden vigas which provide a rustic warmth in the overall design.


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4. Mission Revival

Mission Revival Homes are the modern representation of classical 18th Century Colonial Architecture. These designs come with curved parapet above the roof line, coupled with a square bell tower which provides a distinct church-like facade. Intricately carved window trims and patterned brick arch openings are notable in these structures as well. The physical asymmetry of the outside is solidified by the contrasting moods between exterior and interior.



5. Haciendas

Haciendas are the typical luxury homes that come in Mexican architecture. These ranch style homes typically come in one-storey designs with spacious floor plans that can spread into multiple compounds. The designs originated from houses of Mexico's upper class which is reflected in the extensive grounds and spaces of the design.



6. Modern Mexican Homes

A Modern Mexican Home incorporates modern design features with the classic colonial styles of Mexican architecture. These homes provide all the modern amenities and features while retaining a distinctively Mexican look. Flat roofs, multi-tiered patios, and concrete meet sleek furnishings, and clean lines all emphasize an organic design that is perfectly matched with natural wood features and classic arches.


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