Three Most Effective Marketing Ideas For Realtors

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Three Most Effective Marketing Ideas For Realtors


"Business Is Slow!!" 

"The Holidays are coming, nobody wants to move during the holidays!" 

"Might as well put 2019 in the bag and start working on 2020." 

"I am no where close to my goal, this market stinks!"


Is this what you are hearing around the water cooler?


Is this what you are saying?


You STILL have Year Left, DON'T GIVE UP! 


What are you DOING to increase your business? The market is shifting, it is time to get back to basics!


EMAIL?  There are days that I can get 500-1000 emails between all of my inboxes.   What are the chances that people are reading your email blast?  I was at a conference and the speaker talked about "Dripping your prospects to death!" If you are like me,  you have a ton of things you have subscribed to that you don't open. Your prospects do too!


POSTCARDS?   They can be expensive and must be done consistently, month after month to be effective. One and done is what someone recently called "Hope marketing".  I am going to try postcards because I hear they work, I HOPE someone sees it at the right time and responds.

SOCIAL MEDIA?  Fantastic if you have the right strategy and follow up AND you are marketing to the right people who are ready to buy or list.  How many other realtors are in the same space?


What are the Three Most Effective Marketing Ideas For Realtors 


1.  Get on the phone and contact your database.  Don't have a formal database?  Start building one!  Don't let that stop you from reaching out to people! Seriously, do it now!



Get on the phone, call your database and if ANY of your past satisfied clients (why would you have unsatisfied clients in your database?), friends or family members scream at you, curse you out or shame you for not calling sooner, let me know and I will send you $5 gift card!  I am betting that they will be happy to hear from you! 


2.  Get our from behind your computer, off your couch and go where there are people and TALK TO THEM! 


I have met  clients on a plane, in line at the grocery store, in continuing education classes, at my daughter's school, etc.  There are people you know that need what you know!    A plumber does not walk into a party and yell "Anybody got a leak??"  Don't be that guy or gal! Be a resource! Be the go to in your circle.


3.  Get involved in your community! Join local organizations, do charity work, do good and good will come!


Don't do things JUST to get business, get involved because it is the right thing to do.  The more that you are involved and people begin to know you, like you, trust you, the more business will come your way!  Lay the foundation, do good, feel good and get belly to belly!


Finish 2019 Strong and Get Set for a Terrific Twenty!


Three Most Effective Marketing Ideas For Realtors

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