Low Downpayment Jumbo Mortgages are Available Now! 2019 update

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For years after the financial crash homebuyers had to put down 20% to get a Jumbo Mortgage. Many would be home-buyers still believe this. 

Most people in the industry, including Realtors, know that you can put down much less than 20% down to get a conventional or FHA loan. They may not however know that 5% down Jumbo loans are available. 

Here are some reasons why Real Estate agents should tell their clients about lower downpayment Jumbo loans 

Benefits to a Low Downpayment Jumbo loan

  • A homebuyer may find a home in the perfect location , but the home needs work to update/modernize . This could lead to the buyer getting a much better price on the home and being able to make it exactly thiers. 
  • "Saving for a Rainy day" - Many times the 20% downpayment option plus the closing costs will drain the homebuyers accounts. This option leaves plenty for a rainy day fund
  • Chance to use the funds for other investments and opportunities. The home will appreciate at the same pace whether or not they put down 20% or 5%. Many times the funds can be better utilized in thier own business, buying investment properties, or investing in stocks

Basic Requirements and Features for a Low Downpayment Jumbo Mortgage

  • 740 Mid FICO score for 5% down up to $2 million
  • 660 Mid FICO score for 10% down up to $3 million
  • 9 months of Reserves (9x monthly payment left)
  • 100% gifts are ok with 10% down
  • 43% debt to income ratio for 5% down
  • up to 55% debt to income ratio with 10% down
  • Restricted stock income ok 
  • 4 years wait after Short-Sale, Foreclosure or BK for 5% down
  • 2 years wait after SS, FC, or BK for 10% down
  • No wait after SS, FC or BK at 15% down

These are very basic requirements for a low down-payment Jumbo mortage. To find out more contact us 


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