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My Joe at the BankI'm a freak for the game. A lifelong Philadelphia Phillies fan I understand long suffering,one championship in 126? years....we never quit!
I am asking you dear visitor,client,friend for assistance.I coach  13-16 year olds,and I am always looking for ideas for drills,techniques or just entertaining stories that may teach,inspire or give a a laugh to my team.

I'm a Dick Mills pitching technique type of guy,I like his down to earth approach on the motion and his belief in the core and legs for stability.I am not adverse to new ideas ,as long as they aren't an injury waiting to happen.

What's this have to do about Real Estate? Well...I believe interaction and dialogue are the keys to success in any transaction.I like to understand my customers and for you to understand me. Buying or selling property is about achieving a is sports.
I want my team to improve and reach their goals.I want my customers to achieve their goals and maybe learn something in the process.I learn something new everyday from the kids,my colleagues,my family,and my customers.I dream big,but I can't achieve my dreams without you.
Maybe we can help each other reach our goals-

  I originally wrote this in 2006,well the Phightin's have reached the pinnacle,and returned to battle for it this past year.

I have learned alot since that original post,as have we all.

Let's move forward and reach our new goals together.

Jim Rosell


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