Realtors Quick Guide to Koi Fish Varieties

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                               You know, as professionals, that small details and connections with clients can mean big business for you. People's homes are intimate places, and a realtor with warmth and knowledge about a shared interest is the icing on the cake.

Koi ponds are special places in a home, where families will spend years raising and enjoying their finned friends. If you are working with a new client, or showcasing a home with a lovely koi pond, being able to remark on the variety of koi is just like connecting with any pet, it creates trust and a shared connection.



There are many koi varieties, and you can visit our koi pond store or our live koi auction for more in depth overview. Here I present to you a guide to some of the most popular, and simple ways to distinguish them  :)


The Big Three: 

 1. Kohaku: It can be said that koi keeping starts and ends with Kohaku. These are the most common and have a bright white base with deep red and orange overlaid. Koi beauty is judged by blemish free white, deeper reds and even patterns. 



2. Sanke: These present the crisp white base, and deep red/orange of the Kohaku, with added accents of rich black along the dorsal body. 







3. Showa: These can be confused with the Sanke above, since they share the black, red, and white color palette. The Showa, however, are a base of black with white and orange overlay. The easiet way for a beginner to distinguish is that Showa will display black on the head and black wrapping around the underbelly. 







The Butterfly of the Water - Hirenaga: Lastly I wanted to show you this lovely variety, which earned their nickname because of their especially beautiful, flowing fins. These are pure white, and in some cases a platinum metalic, so very easy to spot for beginners and a joy to watch for all.


I hope my guide helped you to appreciate the beauty of koi fish, and connect with your clients over their passion. Please feel free to ask me any questions, or visit us.

Whether you are looking for baby to jumbo koi fish for sale, we would love to share our family tradition and knowledge with koi enthusiasts new or old!

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Good morning Kodama.  Thanks for the information about the varieties of Koi Fish.


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