Considering Not Filing a Tax Return Because of a Large Balance Due?

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That's the worst thing to do!


Its common for people to think that if they avoid filing the tax return that IRS won't "find them out" but IRS already knows about your income.


Here is what I suggest you do instead...


File the tax return on time and send in a payment of $100 (even if you owe $50,000).  This accomplishes two very important things in your favor.  First, it takes the 25% failure to file penalty off the table, saving your case significantly.  Second, it shows the IRS that you have made a good faith credible attempt to pay something.


Next, you need to work with a tax resolution professional (Attorney, CPA or EA) to address the remaining balance.  Work with a pro who is familiar with the IRS Fresh Start Initiative which includes programs to resolve the debt. One program offers a tax debt settlement for up to 85% less than the original amount due including penalties and interest (If you qualify).


How do you know if you Qualify?


In chapter 10 of my book "Get the Taxman Off Your Back" I explain what the qualifications are.  Get a free pdf copy by CLICKING HERE.  Alternatively you could contact me at Tax Crisis Rescue and I will tell you if you qualify.  If you are close, but not quite qualified, there are some pre-submission offer planning techniques that can be used to position you more favorably.


If you are unable to pay your taxes, there is no need for concern.  If you need help with your tax debt from a qualified tax resolution specialist contact us here in New Orleans, Louisiana or visit or call 800-433-0986.

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Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

There’s usually, if not always, a way to get things done in a manner that serves you. Don’t give up, people. :)

Jan 30, 2019 07:13 AM
Dan Pittsenbarger
Keller Williams Western Realty - Bellingham, WA
Improving Conditions

I agree with this advice. Confront and deal with (communicate) is the way to solve most all problems including tax problems. Most all get worse by applying the avoidance tactic.

Jan 30, 2019 07:17 AM
Dirk Danos CPA CTRS

Absolutely correct Dan Pittsenbarger especially with IRS.  Procrastination makes tax cases cost much more to settle.  Higher penalties, higher interest, higher representation fees.

Jan 30, 2019 07:21 AM
Harry Norman, REALTORS® - Atlanta, GA
Associate Broker

Good morning 

Thank you for sharing your information with us Dirk Danos CPA CTRS 

Have a great day.

January 30, 2019. 

Jan 30, 2019 07:39 AM
Joe Pryor
The Virtual Real Estate Team - Oklahoma City, OK
REALTOR® - Oklahoma Investment Properties

We always file and we always pay on time. Procrastination never wins with the IRS or state.

Jan 30, 2019 03:45 PM