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Why you should add a loft conversion to your house?

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Following are the key reasons for which you should be considering to add a loft conversion to your house:


o   Adding value


Well, there are proven facts and experts arguments regarding how a loft conversion could be the best way to add value to a home. The marketing research for housing shows that with help of a loft conversion, the value of the house increases by a minimum of 20 percent. Other than this, it has been revealed nationwide that the loft conversions also are responsible for increasing the average value of a home and that is normally around £37,000. There are also so many other modes of home improvement but none of them acts too effective in improving the value of a home and neither any option is so cost-effective.



o   Avoiding the moving costs


The cost of moving a house seems to get higher every year and these costs include the solicitor fees, stamp duty and the costs of the property. The benefit which is gained by a loft conversion of a house is that you don’t need to shift from the area you have been living in for so long and the other things added in this benefit are:

o   You don’t need to find a new job near your new home, or don’t need to add to your commute.

o   You don’t have to settle your children to the new school

o   You are free from all sorts of shifting stress

You need to know the fact that the stamp duty is normally equal to the loft conversion cost. So why to choose the least good option?


-   Increased space of the property


Conducting a loft conversion to your home is something which provides extra space to the home like that could be underneath the stairs and it also lessens the strain that is present on the rest of the rooms. The added benefit is that when you use a dead space for the room creation, this conversion doesn’t eat the space in your home. Rather it provides extra space to you like the stamp size gardens which are so typical.



-   Room with view


People are so habitual of looking in the streets out of their windows that it really can be surprising for them to know that they can do the same by using their loft room’s windows. They can have a look on the sea and the downs whatever is in the view. You can also survey up the local area you are living in with help of your higher up location.



-   Natural light


Using a dormer or the Velux windows helps you in getting more light than the others in your home. These windows are more likely to provide natural light to you as compared to the others. This means you can get benefited with the natural light inform of sunshine. Other than this, your room becomes airy and the windows even don’t get blocked with the nearest houses and trees to your house because of the angle of the windows. You can learn more.