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Williamsburg, Virginia - Direct purchaser of residential properties, Dependable Homebuyers are now buying hoarder houses in Williamsburg, Virginia. The nationwide company has been buying houses all across the state, regardless of the location, the specific condition and the type of property among other distinguishing factors. Their real estate services were dedicated to helping property owners sell their houses directly to a buyer without being compelled to indulge in painstaking delays and never-ending negotiations. Now, owners of hoarder houses too can explore such an option and sell their properties outright, directly and in the present condition.


Hoarder houses are difficult to sell. They cannot be marketed to homebuyers in general because the conditions are not pleasing. Homebuyers will only be interested in hoarder houses if the properties are subjected to extensive repairs and renovations, possibly upgrades. Even then there would be a history associated with the property that may discourage many homebuyers.


Dependable Homebuyers does away with the very need to market a property in a typical manner. The company practices its motto, We Buy Houses in Any Conditions. This was limited to residential properties of all types, including those who had to consider short sales. The company shall heron acquire hoarder houses too. This is in addition to their short sale service that can be read about at


Evan Roberts, the owner of Dependable Homebuyers, addressed all the pertinent issues that complicate the sale of hoarder houses. Such properties are rarely in the most sought after locations. They are in dire need of repairs. The properties are usually unsafe and there is a myriad of problems inside and outside. Such properties get labeled as hoarder houses and that tag does carry a lot of stigmas. Real estate agents and homebuyers are generally not interested in such properties. As a result, many owners of hoarder houses are left with no option but to continue living there and getting exposed to the various risks, including the compromises in regards to health and safety.


Dependable Homebuyers is buying hoarder homes directly from owners. The properties will be purchased in the very condition they are in right now, without the need for any repair or upgrade. The company shall make a cash offer and there is no financial obligation for the owner. Dependable Homebuyers is not only buying hoarder houses in Williamsburg, Virginia but also expediting the process so owners can quickly move out, thus limiting their exposure to the hazards of living in an endangered property. Contact Dependable Homebuyers today to get an offer at



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