How to Protect Carpet from Pets

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So, are you wondering how to protect carpet from pets? Being a pet owner comes along with many responsibilities with carpet cleaning being one of them. Cats are known to be cleaner than dogs because they spend most of their time indoors sleeping on one of your carpets, couch or rug. Having these animals indoor doesn't necessarily mean that they are clean, these pets are known to shed a lot of pet dander and fur wherever they go and rest. Having a dog also gives you a harder task as a pet owner, since they spend most of their times outdoors where they come into contact with a lot of dirt. Regardless of the pet you have, cleaning your carpet twice a week is highly recommended to help you keep your place clean. Below are some wonderful tips to help keep your carpet clean:

How to Protect Carpet from Pets - Preventing Stains and Odors

Buy A Stain Resistant Carpet
If possible, you should consider installing a stain resistant carpet. This carpet helps you minimize the time, effort and cost of maintaining your carpet. You can choose between tile or wood carpeting, which is a much more costly option, but it guarantees you longevity and value for your money. You should consider having this option in the areas that your kids and pets spend a lot of time on since it will help you concentrate on one area and also clean the carpet without damaging it. The good thing about these stain-resistant carpets is that they have resistance properties that helps keep off the stain.

Steam Clean Monthly
Steam cleaning done once per month helps prevent stains from accumulating and improve the life of your carpet. If you decide to steam clean, you should carefully check the chemicals used. Different carpets have unique fibers that require different detergents. If you want to use steam cleaning, you should test the chemical compounds on a small area of ​​your carpet that is not visible. This is usually a good idea if the carpet shampoo damages your carpet.
Most types of carpet shampoos can be safely used on most carpets. If you already have stains on your carpet, you may need to focus on this stain to see if the stains can be removed. The most effective way to deal with stains is to tackle them immediately. Stains from our pets are some of the biggest challenges you should eliminate without help.

Keep your Pet’s Nails Trimmed
When you fail to trim your pets claws then you risk causing damage to your carpets. Cats are known to sharpen their claws by scratching on rough areas and at times they may mistake the carpet surface and cause damage. Ensure after you trim their nails, to file them properly to avoid the destruction of the carpet strands. Giving your pet the proper grooming ensures the safety of your pet and carpet.

In Conclusion

When it comes to knowing how to protect carpet from pets, it necessary that you maintain your carpet and watch out for your pet. Cleaning the carpets is highly needed and recommended. It’s recommended to take preventive measures, so your carpet is less likely to be stained from your pets.

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