Is a Smart Home Right for You?

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Smart HomeGreat question, isn't it?  Is a smart home right for you?  My discovery is that on some level almost everyone can benefit from smart home technology.

I moved (and downsized!) my own home recently and am in the midst of remodeling to make it truly mine.  I've installed some smart home devices already and the two that I'm loving the most are the August Connect lock on my front door and my Liftmaster garage door opener with the MyQ connectivity app.

Why do I love these?  Simple, because when I'm not home, I can see who specifically has entered or left my house by the front door and when the garage door has been used.  I also love that I can easily check remotely to be sure that when the front door has locked after the last contractor has left by the front door that the garage door is also closed.

Another great feature for contractors that are charging by the hour is that when they bill for 8 hours but the app shows me that they were only there for 6 hours it really helps to control costs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  As I complete the process I plan to write reviews for each device including what caused me to choose the specific device, what's great and what's not so great.

What is your favorite device, or what type of device would you like to know more about?

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