4 Steps to Generating New Leads that Every Real Estate Pro Should Be Doing (...and it’s not cold calling or door knocking!)

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Are you ready to take your lead generation to the next level?

Have you been diligently creating consistent content, promoting it on social media, and emailing your small but mighty list, but haven’t really seen the bump in leads and sales?

We’ve all been there!

Don’t despair…there’s another way to increase your exposure and attract more opportunities!

It’s a little more advanced, but you can handle it! Your next best step to catapulting your leads and sales is to create some valuable freebies, post on your website, create a landing page and boost on social media. Now, don’t get overwhelmed, you can do this!

And I’ve got your back with my step-by-step guide. Download it, print it out, and follow along.

Step #1 – The first step is to start by creating one anchor freebie.

An anchor freebie is a piece of valuable content – guide, checklist, ebook, video, quiz, etc. – that will serve your Ideal Client insanely well and create lots of great interest. You want your Ideal Client to get your freebie, consume it and think “dang, that was so good I would’ve paid for it! She’s great at what she does. How can I work with her?”

Some examples of recent freebies I’ve downloaded include: “iPhone Video Toolkit”, “Public Speaking Template,” “Expert Business Roadmap,” and “Navigate Your Way to Success Workbook.” What could yours be?

Create a list of 5-10 great ideas for freebies. Think about the questions your clients and prospects most ask you or the most important things your clients need to know before they meet or speak with you for the first time.

Come up with a list and then narrow it down to your favorite, best ONE idea. Keep the list of others for future use.

Step #2 – Create your freebie

Draft the content for your freebie in a simple MSWord doc or Google doc. Use a Google or MS Template to create a nice looking layout for a more text-based freebie. Or you can use a graphics website like Canva.com to make it look pretty. If you’d rather not spend your time doing the design, you can hire it out on Upwork.com or Fiverr.com.

Once you’ve got your freebie looking fantastic, it’s time to upload it to your website’s Media Library and get it’s unique link that you can use in your Landing Page and Social Media posts.

Step #3 – Create your Landing Page

If you’re just starting out with Landing Pages, you’ll need to choose an easy Landing Page Generator, like MailChimp. It’s drag and drop design and built in email automation make this whole project super simple.

Ready to jump in with both feet? LeadPages is also a great system to use, but will require more integration.

Keep the design simple, lots of white space, images, and not much copy. Use just enough copy to create interest, but you do not have to go on and on. For bonus points with your audience, you could record a short video introducing your freebie too!

Step #4 – Create your Welcome Email

The next step is to welcome your new subscribers with an email the gives them the link to the Freebie – your call to action – and lets them know you understand where they’re coming from, what they may be thinking, feeling, experiencing right now and how taking this important first step in their journey is significant.

The purpose of this email is to connect with them and let them know you can guide them and help them solve their problem. Avoid making this email about you. For more on connecting with your Ideal Client, read this article.

Finally, make it all live! Then it’s time to throw a party for your new freebie and tell everyone you know about it. Send an email to your list, post on social media, put a link in your email signature line, host an Facebook Live or Instagram Live to introduce it, post in all the online and offline groups you are involved with.

If you really want to add some get-up-and-go to your freebie, pony up some cash and advertise or sponsor your social media posts. Just make sure you are creating a well-targeted audience so you don’t spend money advertising to people that are not your Ideal Client.

Then it’s time to watch your analytics. The average landing page conversion rate is about 2.35 percent, which seems low to me. I’ve usually seen 5 to 9 percent. The top 25 percent of landing pages convert at 5.31 percent or higher. Keep an eye on your conversions and if they’re low, you can try changing up your landing page headline and tweak the copy. Make sure your copy discusses the features and benefits of your freebie rather than talking about the freebie itself.

There you have it! Your ticket to becoming a lead generating machine! How does that feel? And, hey, if you have any questions or want to bounce some ideas off me…reach out. I’m here to help!



P.S. Remember to grab your Step-by-step Guide to Creating Freebies & Landing Pages and get started today!

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