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 Buffalo Grove Stone Restoration

 Date: 02-05-19

 County: Cook

 City: Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

 Job Details:

Kitchen Countertop & Travertine Floor Polishing Service

This was a really enjoyable project because the home was empty and we got to listen to some music while doing what we do, polish stone! This Buffalo Grove stone polishing project consisted of the kitchen granite counter tops and the kitchen travertine floor.

First thing we worked on was the granite. This granite required diamond honing and complete resurfacing. Over the years granite can develop what called spider webbing. The  starts looking like scales on a reptile or micro cracks that finish develop. This happens because the  factory finish is braking down.  This Buffalo Grove granite polishing project utilized a 5 step diamond honing process to ensure the clarity original and high polish of granite. These days more and more companies use a 3 step system. Theses systems do not produce the same clarity as a 5 or 7 step system because the more sanding grits used creates a tighter polish on the stone.

The floor was a 3 step clean and seal.  Not much damage was present and the polish was in good condition. Using polishing compounds and a penetrating sealer we brought the floor back to life with relative ease.

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Professional Stone Restoration in Buffalo Grove, IL.

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