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 Date: 02-02-19

 County: Cook

 City: Carpentersville, IL 60110

 Job Details:

Slate flooring was very popular during 1960's-80's as a high end flooring option for home endways. The Chicagoland areas more established cities are littered with slate entry's in desperate need for restoration services. The most popular cites are places like River Forest, Oak Park, The Northshore, Skookie, Lombard etc.. However the methods to seal, clean and maintain are nowhere close to today's standards.

This Carpentersville stone restoration project we stripped about 10 layers of slate from this slate kitchen in Carpentersville, IL 60110. The first picture is the floor after we removed layers of was from the slate tile surface. Utilizing modern stripping technology we removed the wax, dried the floor and in picture 2 sealed the floor.  We did apply 2 more applications of sealer to the slate to unsure the long term protection from UV sunlight and color loss or fading..

We create custom stone repair & restoration solutions per species type and situation.

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Professional Stone Restoration in Carpentersville, IL.

We use proper techniques to restore natural stone rather than the "quick and easy" methods our competitors use. Searching for a professional Carpentersville natural stone restoration service? Search no longer because Granite Heroes is your Carpentersville stone care company! Granite Heroes has a long list of Chicagoland clients and institutions for references. We fix, repair and restore stone like: granite, marble, limestone, flagstone, bluestone, travertine, slate, terrazzo and concrete.

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