Hire A Virtual Transaction Coordinator: No More Real Estate Red-Tape!

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Tired of the endless paperwork, repetitive administrative busy work & bureaucratic red tape? Of course you are! Hire a Virtual Transaction Coordinator from MyOutDesk & get your sanity back. 

A virtual transaction coordinator can take care of all your transaction management tasks, ensure the sales paperwork is done, the deals run smoothly, & your clients are fully satisfied.

Sample tasks for your transaction coordinator include:

  • Goal setting - review goals and schedules to provide progress updates and help you stay on task
  • Seller/Buyer prospecting and servicing - complete required paperwork, gather estimates, and help find/choose service providers
  • Escrow management - open escrow and coordinate the many necessary functions of this process through closing
  • Documentation management - draft routine documents (i.e. Seller's Disclosure Packet, addendums, waivers) and review forms for accuracy, signature verification, and missing information
  • Transaction and closing coordination - manage the cumbersome appraisal, title/escrow and mortgage loan processes
  • Client coordination and communication - operate as a point of contact for your clients to ensure their needs are met and they receive the attention they deserve throughout the buying/selling process
  • Scheduling coordination - oversee scheduling for clients, service providers, and lenders to help ensure essential tasks are being completed
  • Research - perform background and inquiry tasks, as needed
  • Tailored support - provide administrative support personalized to your specific requirements

Imagine what you can accomplish with a skilled transaction coordination handling the busy work & making sure your deals are being managed effortlessly and efficiently!

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