NSERDA spells FREE MONEY for helping get your home energy efficient.

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I just finished helping friends of the family go thru the process of receiving $5,000 in matching funds from NYSERDA, http://www.getenergysmart.org/SingleFamilyHomes/ExistingBuilding/HomeOwner.aspx so that they can make their home more energy efficient. This is from NYS and there are different income guidelines depending on the county of residence. You can get the matching funds by putting up your own $5,000 or borrow the money via a low interest loan. Just like any other loan you must qualify! Considering where the cost of heating and electric will be next fall this is a great time to find Free money. Stop by the link and see all the goodies that will spend that $10,000. Anywhere from Energy star appliances to furnaces to insulation! Check you state or local governement for these funds as well.

The first step is to find the lead contact. This can be the person either a contractor that can do the whole process or an individual that links individual contractors together. This person does a wind test so see how much like a sieve the house is as well as checking on the current furnace, hot water and other appliances. Updating recommendations are made from there. The Smiths opted for insulation and windows for the biggest return. They could have chosen other items, but the house has to show a significant change when the wind test is done after all the work is completed. In their case the numbers went way down. And they should recoup their money in less than 4 years. That was figured in early April so their recapture rate could be even faster.

I have contacts in construction that do Leeds certified building so I was able to put them in contact with some knowledge people. Spend some time on the internet researching materials and ask around for contractor referrals. A satisfied customer will gladly tell you how they used, and so will an unhappy one.

These people opted to have spray foam insulation in the attic and around the area of the basement that is above ground. To complete the insulation they had high density cellulose blown into the side walls. There was still a few dollars left so they were able to purchase 9 windows. There reason that they chose spray form was because it is much more efficient than the pink stuff and was a great buy. It couldn’t be put into the existing walls so they had to do the high density cellulose. The company that did that was incredible. I have seen some bad work with large wholes in the side of the house – of course the holes are plugged, but this job was done so you can barely tell.

As usual there are a lot of contractors out there so be careful. The person that connected me to the NYSERDA information ended up with a very disappointing contractor, but “The Smiths” used individual contractors and coordinated everything themselves. With only 3 contractors involved it was easy for them to do. I can’t wait to see the lower energy usage this winter.

This spring has not been real warm and they are already thrilled with the results.

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