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 Cary Stone Restoration

 Date: 02-14-19

 County: Mchenry

 City: Cary, IL 60013

 Job Details:

Picture 1: BEFORE

Natural Stone showers come in a ranging variety in terms of size, shape, functionality and purpose. There are 2 basic types of natural stone showers. Shower built around a bathtub and showers built around a basin. There is a 3rd type and those are Custom showers. This picture  a very common issue with natural stone showers. Its like a hidden time bomb. To cut costs a lot of contractors tour illustrates clients guide into using floor tiles or wall tiles to build the shower door ledge.  This is not ideal. The ideal method 1 solid piece of natural stone matching the vanities is the best choice.  The reason individual  are not the best option is  tiles.. The torque form the shower door swinging structural loosens the tiles, creating cracks, loose tiles and water damage. This is why a solid piece of natural stone is ideal.  Picture 1 illustrates eventually a loose tile with grout missing within the shower door entry.

Picture 2: AFTER

Most people make a huge mistake when the encounter this issue. The stick grout back in , but thy don't dry out the ledge. Moisture is lurking within the entry ledge. First we used a dehumidifier for 1 day run in the shower to unsure the shower grout joints and interior was dry.  Then we applied the proper grout and the issue was fixed.

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Professional Stone Restoration in Cary, IL.

We use proper techniques to restore natural stone rather than the "quick and easy" methods our competitors use. Searching for a professional Cary natural stone restoration service? Search no longer because Granite Heroes is your Cary stone care company! Granite Heroes has a long list of Chicagoland clients and institutions for references. We fix, repair and restore stone like: granite, marble, limestone, flagstone, bluestone, travertine, slate, terrazzo and concrete.

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