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 Date: 02-16-19

 County: Cook

 City: Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

 Job Details:

Counter top vanities come in every look, feel and function you can think of. This project when have creme marble bathroom vanity with a sink mounted on the exterior of the vanity.  These job can be tricky because of the cumbersome nature of tools VS large porcelain sink bowl.  Clients will often ask can you remove the bowl to polish the vanity?. The answer is no. We can defiantly remove it, however from experience, often times the vanity will chip crack or in the worst of scenario break.  So to avoid the liability we use old school techniques of hand sanding underneath and around the bowl. We then use custom sized pads to reach underneath the bowl to evenly polish the vanity. This vanity had multiple etch marks and water marks which was the clients main issue.

The 2nd picture illustrated the clients terrazzo shower basin in a bathroom presently being remodeled.  Terrazzo basins are often times yellowed and soiled from years of wear and tear. We have evolved custom methods and in some cases can even stain the terrazzo to a new color giving it a whole new look!

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We create custom stone repair & restoration solutions per species type and situation.

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Professional Stone Restoration in Clarendon Hills, IL.

We use proper techniques to restore natural stone rather than the "quick and easy" methods our competitors use. Searching for a professional Clarendon Hills natural stone restoration service? Search no longer because Granite Heroes is your Clarendon Hills stone care company! Granite Heroes has a long list of Chicagoland clients and institutions for references. We fix, repair and restore stone like: granite, marble, limestone, flagstone, bluestone, travertine, slate, terrazzo and concrete.

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