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 Date: 02-02-19

 County: Cook

 City: Deer Park, IL 60010

 Job Details:

Granite Counter tops are the best choice for elegance and durability in the Kitchen. Marble is very prone to etching and water marks. The same can be said for limestone. Concrete counter tops look great however the are susceptible to cracking and etching as well.  That's why when its all said and done , granite is the best choice for a kitchen. Its durability is such that it doesn't etch or get water marks. Its also scratch resistant. However granites polish and overall luster will begin to look dull after time, that's why it recommended you cleaning, polish and seal your granite every couple of years.  

This project document a typical granite counter top polishing project in Deer Park , IL. Like all granite maintenance jobs we utilized a 3 phase hone & polish to restore the polish to the granite. We then sealed it with a color enhancing sealer to bring our the color and enhance the over all beauty of the granite counter tops.

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We create custom stone repair & restoration solutions per species type and situation.

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Professional Stone Restoration in Deer Park, IL.

We use proper techniques to restore natural stone rather than the "quick and easy" methods our competitors use. Searching for a professional Deer Park natural stone restoration service? Search no longer because Granite Heroes is your Deer Park stone care company! Granite Heroes has a long list of Chicagoland clients and institutions for references. We fix, repair and restore stone like: granite, marble, limestone, flagstone, bluestone, travertine, slate, terrazzo and concrete.

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