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My husband and I put a contract on a house in San Angelo over the weekend for our kids that are going to college there. We were extremely disappointed in the selections there but the prices were great. We found one house that we really liked a lot and it was very close to the school it would be a great investment but the Realtor that had the home listed was not motivated to do anything but ask personal questions that was really none of her business. We had an approval (not qualifying but approval) letter and she acted as though she was worried I was moving there to sell Real Estate and be more competition to her. I don't know but it was very different. I am a listing agent and if another agent put a contract on one of my listings I wouldn't make it difficult for them I would help them in any way I can. I just don't understand. Thanks for letting me vent.


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Deb Dahlberg - Rowland
Hart Land Real Estate - La Grange, TX
Deb Sells Texas!

It takes all kinds I guess.  Some agents are super paranoid about getting competition...but really her focus should have been on getting her listing sold in a timely fashion for her listing clients!  We all need to vent some times!

Sep 21, 2009 09:49 AM