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Thousands or Realtors offer home sale guarantee programs and they sound very enticing don't they. It's only natural after-all the most important reason you hire and agent is to get your home sold for you, so when they offer to guarantee the sale it would seem to put your biggest fear, that the house doesn't sell; to rest. If you are selling a house in the Northern Virginia metro area or other parts of the country don't you deserve to find out for yourself the ins and outs of these programs?

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"Your Home Sold — Guaranteed in 30 days, at a price acceptable to you... or we'll buy it!"Are Your House Sold Guaranteed Deals Too Good To Be True?

This is a very powerful, effective and emotional phrase, but are Your Home SOLD Guaranteed offers Legit? It touches at the heart of the greatest fears and goals of home sellers. When questioned, the majority of home sellers site as two of the most important things a listing agent can do for them:

1. Find a Buyer.

2. Get the BEST Price Possible.



There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of these Guaranteed Sales advertisements made by real estate agents; they're seen on websites, social media, postcards, bus stops, on grocery carts and also on radio and TV channels. They are identical or nearly so to each other; each promising the same very comforting SOUNDING words

"We'll Sell Your House In a certain number of days, At A Price Acceptable To You Or We'll Buy It!"

The similarities don't end with the catchy sales pitch phrase either. Is there substance to these very comforting and secure sounding words or…

Are Guaranteed Home Sales Programs Just Gimmicks?Your Home Sold In 29 Days or We'll Buy It Scam or Real

Gimmick noun
a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.
synonyms: publicity device, stunt, contrivance, eye-catching novelty, scheme, trick, dodge, ploy, subterfuge; loss-leader; informal shtick

"a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business…TRICK!"




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  • Do "If We Can't Sell It We'll Buy It" Promises Create A Conflict Of Interest?


Our marketing is so effective that in the past year ALL of our home sellers received multiple competing contracts within just days or a few weeks and all SOLD above their list prices.



What is your house really worth fair market price


"Home Sold Guarantees — Are They Legit"
is brought to you courtesy of  Dave Martin Realty Group, your Northern Virginia residential real estate experts. If you're considering selling or buying a house in the Northern Virginia metro area, we'd love an opportunity to earn your business, provide you an outstanding experience, and demonstrate to you that:

"Help From The Best Agent Makes All The Difference."


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