How Successful Entrepreneurs train their Virtual Assistants

Education & Training with MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk has been around for 11 years, working with successful Real Estate Businesses and providing value by matching them with highly talented Virtual Assistants. Throughout this time, we’ve heard it all, success stories and horror stories too. One crucial factor in all these stories we’ve heard is training.

Our most successful client and Virtual Assistant relationships share a crucial component; they took the time to train their Virtual Assistant.

While we go through great lengths to ensure that each of our clients gets matched with the Virtual Assistant that matches their talents and that they have gone through basic levels of training, each business has a unique set-up that our Virtual assistants need to learn. You have to take the time to ensure that your Virtual Assistant will be equipped to not only take over the tasks you are delegating to them but that they will be able to do them as well as you do or perhaps, even better than you can.

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Why is Training Crucial?

Training someone takes a lot of time and effort. If you have or are planning on hiring a Virtual Assistant, the odds are that you have precious little time already. However, look at it as an investment. By investing your time in ensuring that you have trained your Virtual Assistant well, you set them up for success and in turn your Real Estate business benefits too. Once you have gone through lengths to ensure that your  Virtual Assistant not only understands how your business works but also their place in it, you will both benefit in the long run.

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